Wicker folding beach chair

wicker folding beach chairWicker folding beach chair, the perfect match for your Summer season. Summertime is coming, its the time to visit the beautiful beach near you are location or another nice beach. Relaxing on the sand and listening to the birds singing. If you want to have a good investment for your summer, the rattan folding beach is the best one. Rattan material is lightweight, it helps you easier to bring everywhere without any problem, rattan is also a natural material and eco-friendly. Using eco-friendly means helping nature to be safe for the next generations. The chair is folding design, it makes easier for you to save in every place in your home. Normally the chair has a strap so you can easier to bring it. There is much design of the wicker rattan folding chair made from natural rattan and also synthetic rattan folding chair.

Wicker rattan folding beach chair natural is made from 100% natural rattan material, it looks so natural and everybody loves it. The price is quite cheap depends on the model and also quality. Some customers are like to have more attractive color, we have solutions for them and making synthetic rattan folding chairs. The color can be requested in white, blue, grey, red, etc. Any color they want. You can see our wicker rattan folding beach chair here.

If you want to buy the rattan folding beach chair, you can contact us to get wholesale prices. We have an export large amount for these wicker folding chairs. We can discuss the price based on the quantity. We make many rattan folding beach chair and send to worldwide. You can also mix the order together with other items like a basket, chair, sofa, and other rattan furniture for your home. Please feel free to contact us and get more information regarding our wicker folding chairs.

4 thoughts on “Wicker folding beach chair

  1. Dears,

    How are you?

    Please give us a quotation for 50 wicker rattan foldind beach chair made from 100% natural rattan material.

    Please consider air shipping to Portugal.

    What is prices and lead time?

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards,

    Inês Machado

  2. Dear Sir, Madam

    I am interested in one, as can´t find a seller in Europe.


    I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Sara Ferreira.

    1. Hi! I would like to purchase some of the these beach chairs but would need them shipped to the US. What would price per chair plus shipping be? Thanks!

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