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Rattan Furniture Manufacturers

rattan furniture manufacturersRattan furniture manufacturers from Indonesia are one of the favorites for the customer who has a rattan furniture business. They like the Indonesia manufacturer because the quality is better than another country. Indonesia has more experience with rattan for a long time ago. More skill, more quality material, and more weaver in Indonesia make all better.

There are several areas in Indonesia that have a rattan industry area that you should know, we hope this information will be useful for you if you want to buy rattan furniture from Indonesia. These are the area in Indonesia that doing rattan furniture:


Bali is an interesting place with many locations for vacations. Ubud, Kuta Beach, Nusa Dua, and many more. Bali has an area of around 5,780km2 with 4,22 million people. You can find so many interesting in Bali. Not only the interesting place for vacation, but you can find many ethnic souvenirs that you can buy for a gift or you can sell it in your country. Most of the popular one is a rattan or atta bag. The beautiful round bag with natural brown color from the smoked process.

Now we are back to the topic, Bali has also the furniture and accessories made from rattan. Especially rattan lampshade, peacock chairs, bed, and headboard. Bali has become the second area in Indonesia that has rattan furniture manufacturers. If you want to have a business while refreshing, Bali is the right place to visit.


Jepara located in West Java Indonesia. This area is familiar with teakwood furniture actually, but recently some people doing rattan in Jepara also. If you want to find rattan and teak wood as well, Jepara is the right place.

Solo and Semarang

Solo and Semarang are located in Central Java, its around 4 hours from Jepara. These two areas has also rattan but actually with wood also. It is similar to Jepara that has two industries, in Solo you can find rattan and wood furniture with more industrial or art wood like teak root, etc. In Semarang you can find rattan more to outdoor rattan and also wooden furniture with more modern wood. These two areas is good choices also if you want to buy rattan furniture.


Cirebon is located in West Java, Indonesia. If you go from Jakarta, you can take a train from Gambir Station (Jakarta) to Kejaksan Station (Cirebon) and take around 3 hours traveling by train. Alternatively, if you want flexibility, you can go by car from Jakarta via Tol Road need around 3-4 hours depends on the traffic. If you are serious and focus on rattan business, Cirebon is the right place. Cirebon is the largest rattan industry in Indonesia. Many rattan furniture manufacturers here since everything about wicker rattan you can find here. The materials, weaver, framer, everything you can find here. The central rattan industry in Cirebon located in Tegal Wangi, when you go to this place you will find that everywhere you will find the weaver. It is very interesting, you can take a foto for storytelling. It would be great for your Instagram, website, or your catalog. Most of all you need about rattan you can find here. Furniture, basket, accessories, etc are produced in Cirebon.

If you need more information, you can contact us to get more information. We also one of rattan furniture manufacturers in Cirebon that already has experienced in basket lampshade, furniture, and many more. We have a customer chain store, wholesaler, project, etc. Our main market is Australia, New Zealand, USA, France. We accept custom design also.

We hope this information will be useful for your business.

Rattan folding beach chair

rattan beach folding chairRattan folding beach chair is the perfect match for your holiday on the beach. Basking in sunlight at a comfy, reclining beach chair whilst digging your toes in the sand? Can you care about maintaining appearances as you’re doing this? Specifically intended for style-conscious females that love the beach and swimming, this rattan folding beach chair is guaranteed to please.Having a fresh look to a classic traditional, everybody will love basking in sunlight whilst reclining in fashion.

This on-trend shore seat is handmade with high-quality wood and wicker substances, supplied with a reinforced seat to accommodate thicker users and provide long-lasting durability. Nature enthusiasts will love the lovely, Earthy appearance, using its natural attributes and grain traces making every single piece individually distinctive. Based upon the action you are engaged in while sitting at the seat, you might want to alter your posture many distinct times. You could be enthralled at a fantastic book and wish to sit or perhaps, you merely wish to reunite and couch out for a shift. If it is time to venture outside, it is possible to readily sling the convenient carry strap on your shoulder and be in your way. Head outside to the shore, town pool, your favorite picnic area or an outside concert, and have a load off your feet as you easily unwind and look great doing it. When you are done, just fold the seat level and store in almost any place & keep; close at hand on your next outdoor experience.

We have several designs that you can choose based on your style. You can find it here.



Furniture Hotel Restaurant Supply

Furniture hotel restaurant supplyFurniture hotel restaurant supply is an important step when you have a new hotel restaurant or refreshing for an old hotel and restaurant. For a new hotel, the furniture normally will be made based on the hotel concept. There are classic styles, modern minimalist, contemporary style, and many more. You need to find the furniture maker or manufacturer that can make based on your design and concept. You can find the furniture maker based on their specialists such as specialists on the rattan, teak wood, pinewood, metal, and other materials.

Rattan furniture still has a high demand for the hotel. This material is suitable for every place in the restaurant and hotel. The swimming pool will need sun lounger with synthetic rattan materials. It is fully outdoor including the cushion with water-resistant. A floating drink table is the best match in the swimming pool when you need to drink or bread while swimming. You will find so many hotels using a dining chair and table using rattan material, the material is suitable for any dining chair style. The other thing in the hotel that using rattan material is Bed, Headboard, Writing chair, laundry basket, rattan wicker bread basket, and many more.

There is a lot of furniture hotel restaurant supply in Indonesia that you can buy from. In Jepara, Semarang, or Solo you can find wooden furniture, in Bali, you can find many accessories such as an umbrella, lamp from the seashell, and many more. Rattan you can find in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia.

If you are the owner or designer that will use rattan wicker furniture, you can email us to get more information regarding rattan furniture both rattan furniture indoor and outdoor. We accept also custom design for the chair with an iron frame, laundry basket with custom size, headboard, and other custom design. You can also see our regular collection both indoor and outdoor on our website.


Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer

indonesia furniture manufacturerIndonesia furniture manufacturer is being the top supplier favorited by many importers from over the world. The product especially for handmade or natural products such as rattan, bamboo, teak wood, mahogany wood, and also furniture and accessories from natural products. Cirebon, Jepara, Semarang, Solo, Bali, Jogjakarta is the area that you can find many handmade furniture from Indonesia. If you like to ask for more information for the detail, you can contact us and we will help you to find what you are looking for.

There is much reason why the importer, interior designer to supply their hotel project, wholesale and many buyers want to buy from Indonesia:


Indonesia has a lot of natural material such as wood, rattan, and any materials that you can find easily. This material has come from the forest that is about 52% of the total land in Indonesia. It means that you do not need to worry about the raw material for a long time. Indonesia also has the policy to put new plants after taking the wood and other material from the forest. The re-generation for the forest will have to get more pay attention to the government.


Furniture made from Indonesia are well known as their quality, that’s why Indonesia furniture manufacturer is being the favorite from the importer. We will tell a little area in Indonesia called Cirebon. This area is full of rattan weaver, framer, and all skill to make furniture from rattan. You can visit and see in almost every house are has littler work for weaving, etc. The main area is in Tegalwangi, Plumbon is the center of this products. Its already many years this area become the main industry for rattan furniture.

A lot of options

If you want to import furniture from Indonesia, you will have many options for furniture companies. Each company has its own prices and normally it depends on the quality. You can Visit the biggest furniture exhibition in Indonesia in March. The biggest Indonesia furniture exhibitions are IFEX (Indonesia Furniture Expo), you can visit the official website here. The location is in Jakarta International Expo (JIE). We advise you to register online for free, alternatively if you come directly and register on the location you will get charge.

Nowadays, more importers from around the world coming to Indonesia to find the best Indonesia furniture manufacturer for them. Since technology is making easier everyone to sell online, many new furniture sellers now. They can easily sell via IG, Facebook, etc. It is different from several years ago, they sold in the offline shop. Some sellers also have a website but it is no as easier as Instagram or other online tools. You can find many everything in your hand, just swipe and get what you are looking for.

That’s some little information for the Indonesia furniture manufacturer, we realize there is still a lot of information you need. You email us to get more information.

Hotel Furniture Manufacturers

Hotel furniture manufacturersHotel furniture manufacturers are being the company who the designer is looking for. The designer needs a furniture manufacturer that can make the design as they want. The designer has their own design and they need to find the best manufacturer for them. There is a lot of furniture types for the hotel based on the material. For modern furniture normally use stainless, batyline, iron, and other metal materials. The classic style uses more natural materials such as rattan/wicker, mahogany wood, teak wood, bamboo, and other materials.

Classic and natural have become the goods choice for back to nature concept at this moment. Many designers are like to use natural materials for their interior and exterior concepts. We got so many contacts from the designer to make the furniture from rattan material. Rattan material is very popular for everyone. The pattern looks classic and elegant for every side of the Hotel, Cafe, Restaurant. The material also can be used for many items for the Hotel. Laundry basket, Headboard, Chair, Cabinet, table, and many more of the furniture. For exterior use normally using synthetic rattan material since this material is water-resistant and also has UV protection. You can put it outdoor without worries.

There are a lot of hotel furniture manufacturers in Indonesia based on their specialist materials. We are one of the hotel furniture manufacturers in Indonesia that specialist makes furniture from rattan wicker materials. We already export to many countries for hotels, restaurants, Apartments, and another project. We accept custom design for the furniture, the customer just sent the technical drawing in CAD or another format that has the detail of the design.

We make many designs of the Headboard, Bed, chair for the lobby, chair for restaurant, laundry basket, and other furniture that you need for the Hotel. If you need more pieces of information, please feel free to contact us. You can ask all the information regarding furniture for the hotel based on rattan materials especially.

Furniture from Indonesia wholesale

Furniture from indonesia wholesaleFurniture from Indonesia wholesale. If you are looking for wholesale products from Indonesia, here is some information regarding the places you can visit.

There are many products that you can buy for wholesale. At this information, we will provide information for natural and handmade products. This is one of the best products that you can buy from Indonesia. This information is based on our experience and knowledge as we are living in Indonesia and also doing export wholesale for rattan furniture products. Here we go for the information that we hope will help you.

Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture from Indonesia is well known for its quality, very well workmanship. Many big customers buy from Indonesia. There are several places in Indonesia that have rattan furniture company. Jepara, Semarang, Solo, Bali, and Cirebon is the are that you can visit. But if you want to buy in a wholesale order, the best place is Cirebon. Another city that we informed earlier may have rattan furniture but not as many companies in Cirebon. There is a lot of weavers, framer, and everything you need for rattan furniture in Cirebon. You also can visit our website to know about the rattan furniture that mostly buys from Cirebon.

Wood Furniture

Wood furniture in Indonesia is consists of Teak furniture, Suar furniture, Mahogany furniture, Pine furniture, and other furniture. There is also the style of wooden furniture in Indonesia like modern furniture, contemporary furniture, minimalist furniture, driftwood furniture, recycled furniture, and another style you like. You can find all these wood furniture in Jepara, Solo, Semarang, Jogjakarta, Bali, and several places. Same as Rattan furniture in Cirebon, you can find many workmanship, crafter, and many more in Jepara are. Jepara area is well known for the city that has for many years export wood furniture. You can find any wood furniture here from retail to wholesale. If you are a wholesaler, it will be better to visit Jepara as well.

Craft and Decoration

Craft and Decorations are always suitable for your home. Since everybody needs these items, many companies looking for bulk orders in wholesale. There are many craft items that you can sell such as bag, lamp, mirror, statue, and other craft items. If you are looking for these items, you need to visit Bali. This place not only familiar with the beautiful places but has also many handmade craft items that you can explore. One of the big demands in Bali at this moment is the bag. Round bag made from ata or atta grass, some bag made from rattan also. You can buy in wholesale, in hundreds of thousands bag here. Othe craft items are the mirror, lamps, and other small accessories. Bali is the best place for business while vacationing. You can do both together.

Recycle Teak 

Recycle wood is eco-friendly materials, the demand is become higher time by time. Since this is old wood and recycled to be new furniture, it will be a good option to keep our nature good conditions. Old root form the timber is also very nice for a table, chair, etc. You can see these items from Ngawi, Probolinggo, and some other places.

That’s the information that may you need since May information you need is not in this article. You can contact us to ask for more pieces of information.

Rattan Texture

Rattan Texture

Rattan texture is an important element for the designer who will make furniture with rattan material. There is much texture of the rattan that you should know before you make the design. Weaving and the frame structure is the main part of the rattan furniture. There are a lot of options of the rattan texture you can use and apply depends on the design concept.

Rattan furniture is divide into two parts. First is Rattan natural which is using for indoor only,  but some natural rattan is also can be used for outdoor such as rattan Kubu grey, Rattan CL, and also Manau rattan. These materials can be used outdoor as well. The second is Synthetic Rattan material which is using for outdoor. The rattan texture is various since its machine-made, you can use almost all color and textured model. You can use colorful texture like green, orange, white, yellow, and another pasta color. But most customers would like to have natural color, they need the synthetic rattan color to look like original rattan. Custom color may have a minimum order, you need to make sure that you will have the quantity before ordering the color. Normally minimum order is up to 200kg, which is one chair only needs around 1,5 kg – 3 kg for your reference.

The texture is very important for the designer and also the customer, it is normal to have an idea of how the result will be. Some designs with good texture will look the same with the real design product, it will be great for all. Designers normally will use rattan texture based on their needs. They will use the texture suitable for the theme or product idea. Here is some sample of rattan texture that you can use for your design:


Rattan Natural includes the bamboo pole for the frame and webbing for the weaving.

Top row (Left to Right): Rattan CL, Rattan Semipoles, Close Webbing

Second row (Left to Right): Kubu Grey, Rattan Pitrit, Open Webbing



Synthetic rattan has many colors, it is only the sample of rattan texture, there are many color options, up to hundreds of options.

Top row (Left to Right): White Grey Polyrod, White, Slimit

Second row (Left to Right): Red Pulut, Pulut, Natural Kubu

Third row (Left to Right): Kubu Grey, Grey Mocca, Dark Brown

Fourth rows (Left to Right): Croco, Coral Shell, Antique Bronze

We manufacture most of all rattan furniture, we have many options for the rattan texture. We are also available for solid color (Red, Yellow, Green, etc). If you need a solid color, you can easily choose from Pantone color. We can follow the color from Pantone options, contact us for more pieces of information.

We hope it will be useful!

Rattan Straw Placemat

Rattan straw placematRattan straw placemat has become one of the best options for your dining table accessories. There are so many issues regarding the plastic material in the recent time, the material needs hundreds of years to make the plastic unraveled. It is a big problem for everyone, especially for the next generations. That’s why all the people all around the world try to minimalize the plastic for their daily use. For example shopping bags, the supermarket has a policy not to give the plastic bag to its customers.

Based on the situation above, many interior designers are having the option to use everything more eco-friendly including placemat as the dining table accessories. There are many placemats made from a various material in the recent time but since the eco-friendly issue many producers of the placemat thining to make the placemat from natural material such as water hyacinth placemat, seagrass placemat, atta or atta grass placemat, pandanus placemat, rattan wicker placemat, and other natural materials. Rattan Straw placemat is the most sellable and so many requests from the designer and also direct customer. There are many reasons why rattan straw placemat is being the best options:


Rattan material is easy to find in Indonesia, the plant comes from Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Riau, and other islands. But the placemat maker normally in Cirebon, Bali, and Lombok. Since Indonesia has many materials of the rattan, the price has become cheaper. The competition between the producer of the rattan straw placemat is also made the price cheap, everyone willing to win the market.


Rattan placemat has weighed around 200 gram – 300 gram depends on the sizes. It is quite light with this nice material. If you are come from other countries and want to buy from Indonesia, its quite help you with the freight cost. You can put several pcs in a kg.


Rattan straw placemat has a unique color, it looks like brown color but actually the color is natural to come from the oven process. The oven is an important process to make the placemat dry enough and avoid the bug or insect problem, also avoid the fungus problem. Be careful if you want to buy rattan placemat, some producer is using a coloring process instead of the oven process.  The result of color is almost the same but too risky with fungus or insect problems. They do this in order to get cheaper prices.

There are many size for the rattan straw placemat, you can contact us for the detail size and also price of each placemat. We also produce placemat for bulk order, please feel free to contact us if you need more information.

Wicker folding beach chair

wicker folding beach chairWicker folding beach chair, the perfect match for your Summer season. Summertime is coming, its the time to visit the beautiful beach near you are location or another nice beach. Relaxing on the sand and listening to the birds singing. If you want to have a good investment for your summer, the rattan folding beach is the best one. Rattan material is lightweight, it helps you easier to bring everywhere without any problem, rattan is also a natural material and eco-friendly. Using eco-friendly means helping nature to be safe for the next generations. The chair is folding design, it makes easier for you to save in every place in your home. Normally the chair has a strap so you can easier to bring it. There is much design of the wicker rattan folding chair made from natural rattan and also synthetic rattan folding chair.

Wicker rattan folding beach chair natural is made from 100% natural rattan material, it looks so natural and everybody loves it. The price is quite cheap depends on the model and also quality. Some customers are like to have more attractive color, we have solutions for them and making synthetic rattan folding chairs. The color can be requested in white, blue, grey, red, etc. Any color they want. You can see our wicker rattan folding beach chair here.

If you want to buy the rattan folding beach chair, you can contact us to get wholesale prices. We have an export large amount for these wicker folding chairs. We can discuss the price based on the quantity. We make many rattan folding beach chair and send to worldwide. You can also mix the order together with other items like a basket, chair, sofa, and other rattan furniture for your home. Please feel free to contact us and get more information regarding our wicker folding chairs.

Synthetic Rattan Cirebon

synthetic rattan cirebonSynthetic Rattan Cirebon. Indonesia is a big country with thousands of islands. This nation has various resources. There is a unique product that you can uncover in Indonesia. Teak Wood Timber, Mahogany Wood, Stone, along with Rattan product.

Rattan is ending up being unique in Indonesia. There is a large amount of furnishings made from this material. Rattan plate battery chargers, rattan blossom pots, Rattan couch, Rattan curved sofa, rattan buddy collection, as well as much more.

There is some model that comes to be the masterpiece of Rattan Cirebon. Allows claim, Bahama Sets, Papasan Chair, Pelangi Sets, and additionally a similar layout. This is the best vendor from year to year. Another version that is the master is the Peacock chair. I make certain you acknowledge this tale chair.

Currently, rattan is used for outside additionally. The material for natural rattan is not ideal for outside definitely. Individuals believing to make new product rattan for exterior use. Individuals make synthetic rattan material from PE to utilize for the exterior. You can locate Synthetic Rattan Cirebon furthermore.

This synthetic rattan furnishings has countless particular far better than natural rattan. This product is water immune, so it easy to clean. No Pests, as well as additionally light-weight. The material is also for outdoor standard, with frame aluminum to avoid rust and also the weaving is using synthetic rattan material. The color for synthetic rattan material is flexible, you can ask in any color. White, Black, Dark brown is the most popular one.

Synthetic Rattan Cirebon becomes familiar to numerous nations, the premium quality of artificial rattan furniture from Indonesia is excellent and the expense is still cost-effective. You can call us to demand a brochure for a reference regarding the catalog from Indonesia.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have Resort, Restaurant, Cafe, we also available for a custom design.

Wicker Basket

wicker basketWicker Basket is the one the most important thing for your home. Everyone will need the wicker basket for any purpose. The laundry basket will be very useful to organize your shirt after use. A small basket for the table will be useful to organize your pen, eraser, etc. There is also a basket with animal shape, your kids will like it very much. The shape looks like an elephant, whale, cats, horse, and other animal shapes. The color is also eye-catching for your kids, there are blue, red, pink, green, etc.

There is a lot of natural materials to use for the basket. Water Hyacinth, Banana or some people said abaca, seagrass, rattan, and other natural material. Water hyacinth is the plant that normally you can find in the water, it grows fastly. It grows well in some areas in Indonesia and the name on each area sometimes different. In Palembang they called Kelipuk, in Lampung they called Ringgak, in Dayak they called ilung-ilung, and in Manado, they called Tumpe. The height of this water hyacinth is around 0.4 – 0.8 m. Abaca or Banana tree is easy to find everywhere, they use the tree and make it dry. After dry enough, it will be cut in custom size so it can be easy to weave. Seagrass and rattan is another material used for the wicker basket. Rattan is the most popular material for the basket.

There is a lot of benefits when you are using a wicker basket:


The material is natural, there is no negative effect on the environment. It can be recycled when you are not using it anymore.

Good durability

The material is strong so you can use it in several years. The material has no specific caring procedure. It’s easy maintenance, just wash it or spray with the airgun to make it clean again.

Good flexibility

If you are looking for a basket with good capacity, this basket is the best one. The material is more flexible so you can put many items on it.


The basket is lightweight, you can easy to move the basket to the place you want.  The wight is depended on the shape and material. Normally the weight is around 0.5 kg – 1 kg, in some design, has more weight.

There are a lot of wicker basket types made from natural materials. You can email us to get wholesale prices. Our best seller is a basket with handle here, the basket with lid here, and small wicker basket here.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Straw Bag Bali – A beautiful handmade from Indonesia

straw bag baliStraw Bag Bali becomes famous everywhere. All the people looking for these bags because of their beautiful and 100% handmade. The bags are complete with real or synthetic leather strap depends on the customer request. The strap color comes with brown as the regular, sometimes customer like to have black, cream color for the strap. You can find these beautiful bags easily in Ubud Bali and also in Lombok. Most of the people there sell these bags with the various prices depends on the model and also the quality.

The straw bag becomes popular in several years not only because of the small sizes (easy to bring for daily) but the material is also eco-friendly. Most of the artists using this bag and also become a signature style in 2017.  This straw bag can be mix with all fashion styles, that’s why so many fashion company also looking for these bags. Some fashion company has its own design and the manufacturer make for them.

Straw bag Bag Bali made from ata grass and rattan material. This material was used for charger plate, placemat, and also another souvenir. Bali and Lombok are the main areas for these craft made from Ata. By the time, ata grass material use for the straw bag. Surprisingly, the straw bag becomes very popular all over the world. The demands become very high. The supplier and manufacturer for the straw bag normally working with home small industries since the bags are impossible to make in one place, the demands are too many.

Time by time the model for the straw bag becomes various, the color not only brown or natural color but also in white, orange, grey, yellow, etc. But the material is not natural ata grass, it made from synthetic rattan material. Unfortunately, not all customers like to have the straw bag using synthetic rattan. They like natural material better. In another case, the other customer like colorful bag especially for young ladies. also, they like synthetic rattan since the price is lower.

The price for this bag are various, all depends on the quality. The price range is $7 – $10 for each bag. Some suppliers may sell lower or higher, you need to check the quality. You can contact us if you need ore information detail about this straw bag. We will give you all the information regarding this bag. We also supply for bulk order, we have experience working with several fashion companies/shops in the US, Spain, etc.

If you need to check our complete collection, please visit here. We also accept custom orders like this straw bag tote. You just email to for the detail design you need.

Let’s Talk about Basket Making Made of Rattan

Basket makingBasket making, why the basket from rattan made. In our daily life, we often find out many kinds of household equipment, right?. Of course, we can easily find it, even though we also use it in our daily life. There are many kinds of household equipment, one of which is a basket. Do you know what are the functions of the basket in our daily life?, Well, you can use a basket for many functions both as room accessories and as another function like to put some fruits or candy, maybe. Besides that, do you know what the advantages of a basket made of rattan? and how about the process of basket making made of rattan?. Thus, we would like to answer those questions in this article entitled Let’s Talk about Basket Making Made of Rattan.

Rattan is a climbing plant from the family of palms. Rattan is a plant that is easy to grow, especially in Indonesia which is the largest producing rattan country in the world. Commonly, rattan used as the basic material of furniture like table coffee, dining table, chair, bookcase, basket, and so on. Well, a basket is one of the furniture made of rattan. Rattan basket has many functions itself like to put some fruit, to put groceries when you go to the market, to put dirty clothes, or to put some accessories, and so on. Besides, it has many functions, it also has the advantages itself. But, do you know what the advantages of a basket made of rattan? of course, it has several advantages. Thus, several advantages of basket made of rattan will be described below:

1. Affordable prices

We believe that this one is most of the people like the most. With affordable prices, you can get your unique baskets made of rattan. The baskets made of rattan has affordable prices because of the basic material is pretty easy to find. Thus, it can save your budget, right?.

2. Eco-friendly

In the past, almost a basket made from a synthesis material like plastic. As we know, plastic is a synthetic material that is not eco-friendly because it is hard to decipher. Thus, people prefer to decrease the use of things made from plastic and switch to using things made from eco-friendly material. As well as using a basket, people prefer to use a basket made from eco-friendly material like baskets made of rattan. Why basket made of rattan is eco-friendly material?. Of course, because it is made from natural materials that can be recycled when you do not use it anymore.

3. Portable

Because a basket made of rattan is portable, so you can easily carry it anywhere you want.

4. Having artistic value

Rattan basket actually made from rattan woven as a natural ornament. Thus, it can add artistic value to it.

Now, let’s move to the process of basket making made of rattan. Before you make rattan baskets, make sure to prepare the equipment and the material first. There is some equipment that you need to make a rattan basket. First, you need to buy a rattan that ready to be woven, you can get it at the nearest craft shop. Second, you should have glue as adhesive. Third, you should also prepare a

basket base, you can use both paperboard and plywood. It depends on what you prefer. Fourth, you need sandpaper too. Fifth, if you want to make interesting rattan baskets, you can add some ornaments like tape or flower ornaments maybe. Sixth, do not forget to prepare fabric as covering baskets base. Then, you also need stationary, cutter, and framework to make your basket base. The last, please prepare the material finishing to make your rattan basket more interesting. After you prepare all the equipment that you need to make rattan baskets, then times to make your rattan baskets are ready to begin. Thus, the process of basket making made of rattan will be described below:

1. Do not miss any equipment and materials, make sure you have prepared everything that you need to make rattan baskets.

2. Please determine the design of your rattan baskets that you going to make based on what you prefer. Try to determine the design as unique as possible.

3. After the design of your rattan basket is ready, you can prepare a basket base. You can use both paperboard and plywood as a basket base material. It depends on what you like the most. If you use plywood as baskets base material, make sure to clean the plywood first with sandpaper in order for the plywood surface is smooth.

4. Prepare a rattan that ready to be woven, then do weaving based on the design that you determined before. Make sure to use glue to gum the woven that you have made previously.

5. Do weaving until the woven covers the framework.

6. Then, the last process of making a rattan basket is finishing. You can color rattan baskets with paint, you can mix and match the color that you like the most. Besides that, you can also add some ornaments to make rattan baskets looks more unique and interesting.

After reading the overall of this article, are you not interested to make rattan baskets?. Yes, it depends on you, but we suggest you use it. As explained above that rattan baskets has many advantages that you can get including having affordable prices, eco-friendly, easy to carry out everywhere, and also have artistic value. So, do not worry about the advantages that you can get from it. Besides that, you also can make your rattan baskets with your own design. You just need to prepare all of the equipment and materials to make rattan baskets and follow the procedure on how to make rattan baskets. Then, it’s time for you tries to make rattan baskets with the design that you like the most as interesting as possible. It is very easy, right?. Good luck!

Please feel free to contact us if you need bulk prices and do not forget to check our collection here.

Professional and Experienced Outdoor Furniture Stores to Visit

Outdoor Furniture storesOutdoor Furniture stores from Indonesia, specialist synthetic rattan for your outdoor use. Compared to indoor furniture, buying outdoor furniture tends to be more difficult. It is not only about the design or price. The materials and finishing of those types of furniture must be stronger. Just like the name, the furniture will be placed outdoor which means that it will face too many conditions. They are starting from changes in weather and climate, sunshine, rain, and more. So, make sure that you come to a trusted store to get trusted products also.

Our company provides many types of furniture including furniture types and ideas for outdoor necessities. Mostly, they are in the forms of tables, chairs, benches, and sofas. But also, some other types are available including cupboards and outdoor kitchens. There are some reasons why this company is highly recommended for you who look for outdoor furniture. Here they are.

Strong and Durable

Talking about outdoor furniture, your mind may simply think about areas like patio and garden. those places are basically to relax and take a rest after so many activities all day long. It is not exaggerating if you want your outdoor furniture to be as comfortable as possible. Our products are made from only good and qualified materials. Not only is it about the structure that is well-made from aluminum frame and synthetic rattan, but the fabric is attached well also. It is to make sure that you will feel refreshed and not too thermal during the summer season. Besides, it is durable also. You don’t need to replace it after using it for many years.

Cool Designs

For garden and patio, it seems that both areas must look beautiful and elegant. So, despite planting many flowers and other things, outdoor furniture must be cool also. Our company provides various types of furniture in terms of design. They are starting from the classical to the modern one. Besides, various colors are available to meet your taste. Do you need a kind of outdoor furniture with a retro design for your vintage garden? You should not worry since all of them are available here.

Professional Teams

Our company is not only an expert in providing and distributing furniture. Giving the best services for customers are prioritized. There are professional teams that work separately in giving services. For example, there is a team that receives orders. Meanwhile, other teams work as designers, distributors, and more. All of them are experts and good at their work. You should not be surprised if products can be delivered to your house on time without any problem.

Friendly Prices

This is something that everyone looks for. Prices that are affordable and cheap. Qualified products are closely related to expensive prices. So, our company tries to prove otherwise. You can save more money while shopping here. Moreover, there are discounts and even coupons available with certain terms and conditions. You can enjoy low shipping costs after fulfilling some requirements. So, do you want to visit these outdoor furniture stores for your garden and patio?

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How to find Best Restaurant supply for your project

Restaurant supplyRestaurant supply for your project. Establishing a business like a restaurant indeed needs many efforts. Despite your need to buy or rent an area for this, you should not forget about supplies like furniture and others. Sure, it may make you need to spend more money even for those things. Our company gives a solution by providing restaurant supplies including tables, chairs, benches, and even kitchen utensils. Of course, there must be many other companies that provide various necessities. So, what are the factors that make our company more special and recommended? Here they are.

High-Quality Products

Of course, you must want a kind of furniture that is good and qualified. Therefore, it can accompany your restaurant even longer. Qualified products also help you in minimizing budgets or spending on maintenance. That’s why; our company makes sure that the products sold are qualified. All types of furniture are made from materials like rattan or mahogany. Those woods are known to be strong and durable. Meanwhile, they are also not easily weathered anyway.

Fashionable Designs

Do you want your restaurant furniture to be really good-looking and fashionable? Yes, our company is the best place to grant your wish. It makes sure to follow the updated designs. Therefore, if you prefer the modern and contemporary design, this place is the best choice. Of course, it also provides many other furniture types with older designs and ideas like classical and vintage. If you have your idea about the design? You should not worry; the company also makes available some customization services. Now, you can design the furniture and then share it with our team.

Great Services

Of course, aside from fashionable and quality products, there is something that every company should not miss out on. It is about the customers’ service. Our team is ready to give you their best services starting from orders to deliveries. They are kind, charming, and really helpful. Some features are available to contact customers. For example, you can make orders via phone or email.

Affordable Prices and Costs

People have just canceled their plans to buy furniture for some factors? One of them is that the furniture’s price is too expensive. Undeniably, furniture is the next item that requires you to spend more money after vehicles and electronic devices. So, if the money is limited, why must you force yourself to be the new one? Our company tries to change the perception. A kind of qualified furniture doesn’t always force you to spend a lot of money. Some of our collections are known to be friendly in terms of price. Sure, the quality is still good and the design is stunning.

For Hotels Too

Restaurant supplies are not the only things to provide here. If you are about providing furniture for other types of business, it is possible. One of them is for hotels and inns. They are various types of beds, dressers, wardrobes, and many more. they are in cool designs and affordable process for sure. So, are you interested to buy a hotel and restaurant supply here?

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The Best Furniture Exporters with Qualified Products

Furniture exportersFurniture exporters from Indonesia are one of the best suppliers in the world.  We are as well known as rattan furniture manufacturer from Cirebon, Indonesia. Aside from being an expert in terms of manufacturing and providing furniture, our company is also known as the leading company of furniture exporter. Our products have been exported and delivered to many other countries in the world. Undeniably, we put much effort to give the best products and services for customers. The services available in this company are as follows.

Custom Furniture Services

Many products are indeed available and ready to sell in this company. However, it is reasonable if the designs probably don’t meet your taste. That’s why; the company also provides a custom furniture service. The customers can choose or even create their designs. So, in case you are just moving to your new house and interested in a set of furniture, you can make an order and custom the design here.

Many Types of Shipping

When buying furniture products in an exporter, you are commonly required to buy them in bulks. In other words, you need to have your shop at home so that all the furniture products can be effectively used. Interestingly, you should not always buy products in many sets in this company. It is possible to buy only one or two products from this company although you are living abroad. There are some types of shipping methods available. Then, you can choose one of them that is suitable for your conditions and products to buy.

Fast Shipping and Delivery

Not only the shop provides you many types of shipping mode, but even the process is also fast. Indeed, there is a possibility of many troubles during the process. However, in the packaging, the team puts a lot of effort to make it as fast as possible. Therefore, even if you are living in other countries, it is possible to get the products on your hands faster.

Low Shipping Cost

This is something that everyone looks for when using a service from exporters. It is expected that the shipping cost can be lower compared to others. Yes, it is because an exporter company must have more experience and relations to make the shipping cost lower. In this company, even though the cost is much lower than what you have expected. But although you may not need to spend too much money on this, the quality is still prioritized. You should not be afraid of many possibilities like the product is being damaged and others. Yes, the low shipping cost doesn’t make the company reduce its quality service at all.

Qualified Products

Although being better known as an export company, the company is more than that. It has been explained above that the company is also the producer of furniture. So, it is not only focused on giving great services. The products’ quality is also something that is always prioritized and thought about. The furniture products are made from qualified materials only. Meanwhile, they are available in various sizes and designs. The production process involves experts and experienced teams. For the international-quality product, it is not exaggerated to let you buy furniture in these furniture exporters.

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Get to Know About Armchairs and Accents Chairs

Armchairs and Accents ChairsArmchairs and Accents Chairs are an essential part of the house. There are a lot of different chairs to choose from for your home decoration. But, Armchairs and Accent Chairs is a must-have in your house, especially your living room. People usually have mistaken these two types of chairs. An Armchairs is actually a type of Accent Chair. Therefore one type of chair doesn’t always have a handle or an arm feature on the side of the chair, while the other one always has an arm feature.

Armchairs have so many advantages. This is the kind of chairs that people like to relax in, greet their guests and it can be used for formal meetings and even a casual get together with your friends. It is comfortable and the best part is that you can rest your arms on the arms feature on both sides of the chair. The downside of this type of chair is in the function. This chair has limited use because of the handle, also you will need more space for this type of chairs, and it can only be used by one person.

Although they may seem the same Armchairs and Accents Chairs are different. Accent chair has a slightly different shape, it may or it may not always have a handle. This armless type of chair is usually called a Side Chair or a Slipper chair. Side Chair is the type of chair that is commonly placed in a room as an additional chair for your quests. It is also very comfortable even without the handle. Side Chairs usually have a back so you can rest you back on the chair. This chair has so many functions other than an additional chair to your living room. It can be used for a formal event such as weddings, birthday parties, and other events. A side chair is usually used in the dining room and lined up along the dining table. The downside of the armless chair is the fact that you can not rest your arms. So, if you’re going to sit for a long time it can be tiring but the good thing about this type of chair is that you can push it up together so that multiple people can be fitted and it doesn’t require a lot of space in your living room.

There are a lot of Armchairs and Accent Chairs types that you can choose based on your preference, such as the comfy oversized one, the smaller lounge-type or even the fancy-looking club chair. The oversized one is the type armchairs that is similar to a sofa but only meant for one person, this is the right choice if you’re looking for a comfy chair to put in your living room. The lounge type is a smaller chair that commonly used as an extra chair and it saved up so much space. The Club Chair is the type of chair that you would use in your office or maybe if you’re into the old fashioned design you’re going to love this type of chair, it is simple but fancy at the same time.

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The Ultimate Place to Buy Furniture in Indonesia

Indonesia shopIndonesia shop furniture place. Buying furniture is an activity that is interesting but also confusing. Yes, the availability of many shops around indeed doesn’t make it easier. Not all the shops are trusted enough by providing qualified products and satisfying services. Moreover, the prices of furniture also still considered expensive for many people.

If you are living in Indonesia or interested in Indonesian products, Rattan Cirebon Indonesia Shop is highly recommended. It is known as one of the biggest manufacturers, distributors, and providers of furniture in the country. The customers are not only coming from Indonesia but also some other countries around. Based on that fact, it is not exaggerating to say that Indonesia Shop is a recommended place for your furniture necessities.

There are at least some benefits of buying furniture products in our shop. What are they? Let’s check them out.

Qualified Materials

Interestingly, Indonesia is known as one of the biggest rattan producers in the world. So, it is not that difficult to find many types of rattan around. One of the materials used for furniture in Indonesia Shop is the rattan. Rattan is known to be strong and durable as well as it is not easily weathered. The structure is still very strong even when you use in a long time. That’s why; the products from rattan are commonly more likely than others.

Other materials used in our furniture products are Manau, Tohiti, and more. they are considered for top quality rattan furniture. So, you can choose one of them based on your money and preference.

Various Designs

Sometimes, people just ignore what type of materials used for furniture. The most important thing for them is the design. Yes, buying furniture with stunning designs tends to make your home living look more beautiful as well.

Indonesia Shop comes with various product designs. It depends on your taste anyway whether you prefer the classical or modern one. Make sure to know what design you have applied in your home living first. This way, it is much easier to determine the product to buy and then place there. Interestingly, the shop also provides a customization service. So, if you have your ideas about what to apply to your furniture, you can share it with us.

Affordable Prices

People often think twice about buying new furniture. One of the main reasons is regarding the price which is quite expensive. Moreover, it is if you prefer the most qualified one to have. For example, you want a kind of furniture made from teak. Fortunately, the price of each product in the Indonesia Shop is considered affordable. Therefore, you can save more money even after shopping here.

Great Services

Providing quality products is not enough for sure. A professional shop must also give the best services to customers. The services are starting from the order to delivery. Indonesia Shop itself has provided many staff members to work with them. This way, you should not worry about a product that is processed or delivered lately. For the facts mentioned above, it is clear that Indonesia Shop is the best answer for furniture shopping.

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Bali backpack | Pretty and convenient rattan bag from Bali Indonesia

bali backpackA Pretty and Convenient Fashion Trend

Convenient yet simple, that is probably the best way to explain one of the famous backpack made from rattan. It comes in many shapes, colors, and themes. For all the fashionistas around the world, this bag is a must-have. You can pair this with your favorite summer outfit, sundress, and a flip-flop. This trendy fashion item is handmade by Bali’s rattan craftsmen and sold all over Ubud Market and other popular markets in Bali. With its own signature style and eco-friendly material, this little yet really handy backpack becomes one of the travelers “Must Buy Item” in Bali.

This handy and pretty bag has its own advantages. Other than being simple and artistic, this backpack is actually a good life because it is made from high-quality rattan. It is also really light and easy to carry, so you don’t have to worry about hurting your back and shoulder while carrying this bag around. This traditional bag has so many styles and themes, but the most famous ones are the rounded shape with the floral theme, the square ones, and the semi-rounded shape.

This Backpack is made from “Ata Plant” or Lygodium Circinnatum. This plant is kind of hard to find, that is why rattan craft becomes more fascinating for the buyers. It’s also have been shipped all over the world because of its popularity. The Craftsman usually accepts hundreds even thousands of customers ‘ demand. The process of making this bag started by choosing the best material, cleaning and finally weaving the material into this beautiful handmade bag. Making it takes a lot of hours and only one backpack can be done in a day. Imagine making hundreds and thousands of these, it can take months.

After the weaving process, this bag must be dried for a couple of hours before they can begin making the inside part of the bag. The inside is usually made from batik fabric with beautiful features. The craftsman will sew the fabric inside the bag making sure it won’t tear up easily. The final process of making this backpack is to add straps to complete the look. The straps are usually made from leather. It can also be made with synthetic leather, this usually affects the final price of the product.

The final product is sold in the markets, an art shop, and even at online shops for international buyers. You can purchase this traditional Bali Backpack from Rp 200.000 to Rp 350.000. The price range differs depends on the quality of the backpack, the complexity of the theme, and also where you buy the bag. Purchasing at a traditional market usually cheaper than buying at a local Art shop. I recommend buying at a traditional market. Not only because it is cheaper but you bargain with the seller to get the best deal, besides that there are lots of different styles you can choose from. Usually, the seller would even give you a huge discount if you purchase more than one backpack. But either way, buying at a traditional market or at an art shop is a good way to support local merchants.

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round rattan placemats

Round Rattan Placemats

round rattan placematsRound rattan placemats are supposed to protect your dining table from any scratch and heat from the plates or dishes on the table. Other than rattan, there are various materials commonly used for a placemat. However, some people prefer to use rattan as their placemat material due to its beauty and other considerations, especially when it comes to style and colors.

So, how do we wash the placemats when it got dirt? Well, the steps of washing a placemat depend on the materials in the first place. If you have round Rattan placemats the steps would need to follow the nature of the materials as well. In this article, we are going to show you how to clean rattan placemats safely without hurting the material itself.

1 Wipe with soap and water

The first way yet the most common method is wiping your rattan placemats with soap and water. You can use a sponge or a clean cloth with warm water and two drops of dish soap. Later, gently wipe the mats to remove any residue of food or dirt. You cannot rub and scrub it because it could hurt the material. Once you are done, you can rinse it and air-dry it. This step will also help to remove any unpleasant smell from the placemats.

2 Use white vinegar

Generally, the food and dirt residue on your rattan placemats would go away just by using soap and water. However, if the dirt seems to be very stubborn, then you can try other ways instead. White vinegar is such a strong yet powerful agent to battle dirt and food residue without hurting the rattan itself.

You need to mix one part of water and one part of white vinegar. Wet a clean cloth with the mixture and wipe it down on the rattan placemats. For a more straightforward use, you can use a spray bottle and put it to the placemats in several sprays. This method is also useful for cork placemats, but you need to wipe the remaining water immediately before cork can mold if the water the residue is left sitting on it.

3 No washer

It is essential to acknowledge that rattan placemats are not suitable for washer machines. It will not hold up the speed and the dryer if you put it inside the washer. This is why you better use a sponge or clean clothes instead when it comes to cleaning the placemats. In order to keep them clean all the time, you need to do the routines at least once a week. It will also maintain the durability of rattan material as well. Also, make sure that there is no water residue to prevent molding.

Bottom line

Placemats are not just items to fill your dining table. Placemats are also decorative elements that will add color and style to your whole dining area. Dirt and food residue could ruin the entire look of your round rattan placemats and this is why you need to clean them immediately as gentle as possible.

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