Wicker Basket

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wicker basketWicker Basket is the one the most important thing for your home. Everyone will need the wicker basket for any purpose. The laundry basket will be very useful to organize your shirt after use. A small basket for the table will be useful to organize your pen, eraser, etc. There is also a basket with animal shape, your kids will like it very much. The shape looks like an elephant, whale, cats, horse, and other animal shapes. The color is also eye-catching for your kids, there are blue, red, pink, green, etc.

There is a lot of natural materials to use for the basket. Water Hyacinth, Banana or some people said abaca, seagrass, rattan, and other natural material. Water hyacinth is the plant that normally you can find in the water, it grows fastly. It grows well in some areas in Indonesia and the name on each area sometimes different. In Palembang they called Kelipuk, in Lampung they called Ringgak, in Dayak they called ilung-ilung, and in Manado, they called Tumpe. The height of this water hyacinth is around 0.4 – 0.8 m. Abaca or Banana tree is easy to find everywhere, they use the tree and make it dry. After dry enough, it will be cut in custom size so it can be easy to weave. Seagrass and rattan is another material used for the wicker basket. Rattan is the most popular material for the basket.

There is a lot of benefits when you are using a wicker basket:


The material is natural, there is no negative effect on the environment. It can be recycled when you are not using it anymore.

Good durability

The material is strong so you can use it in several years. The material has no specific caring procedure. It’s easy maintenance, just wash it or spray with the airgun to make it clean again.

Good flexibility

If you are looking for a basket with good capacity, this basket is the best one. The material is more flexible so you can put many items on it.


The basket is lightweight, you can easy to move the basket to the place you want.  The wight is depended on the shape and material. Normally the weight is around 0.5 kg – 1 kg, in some design, has more weight.

There are a lot of wicker basket types made from natural materials. You can email us to get wholesale prices. Our best seller is a basket with handle here, the basket with lid here, and small wicker basket here.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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