Rattan Straw Placemat

Rattan straw placematRattan straw placemat has become one of the best options for your dining table accessories. There are so many issues regarding the plastic material in the recent time, the material needs hundreds of years to make the plastic unraveled. It is a big problem for everyone, especially for the next generations. That’s why all the people all around the world try to minimalize the plastic for their daily use. For example shopping bags, the supermarket has a policy not to give the plastic bag to its customers.

Based on the situation above, many interior designers are having the option to use everything more eco-friendly including placemat as the dining table accessories. There are many placemats made from a various material in the recent time but since the eco-friendly issue many producers of the placemat thining to make the placemat from natural material such as water hyacinth placemat, seagrass placemat, atta or atta grass placemat, pandanus placemat, rattan wicker placemat, and other natural materials. Rattan Straw placemat is the most sellable and so many requests from the designer and also direct customer. There are many reasons why rattan straw placemat is being the best options:


Rattan material is easy to find in Indonesia, the plant comes from Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Riau, and other islands. But the placemat maker normally in Cirebon, Bali, and Lombok. Since Indonesia has many materials of the rattan, the price has become cheaper. The competition between the producer of the rattan straw placemat is also made the price cheap, everyone willing to win the market.


Rattan placemat has weighed around 200 gram – 300 gram depends on the sizes. It is quite light with this nice material. If you are come from other countries and want to buy from Indonesia, its quite help you with the freight cost. You can put several pcs in a kg.


Rattan straw placemat has a unique color, it looks like brown color but actually the color is natural to come from the oven process. The oven is an important process to make the placemat dry enough and avoid the bug or insect problem, also avoid the fungus problem. Be careful if you want to buy rattan placemat, some producer is using a coloring process instead of the oven process.  The result of color is almost the same but too risky with fungus or insect problems. They do this in order to get cheaper prices.

There are many size for the rattan straw placemat, you can contact us for the detail size and also price of each placemat. We also produce placemat for bulk order, please feel free to contact us if you need more information.

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