Straw Bag Bali – A beautiful handmade from Indonesia

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straw bag baliStraw Bag Bali becomes famous everywhere. All the people looking for these bags because of their beautiful and 100% handmade. The bags are complete with real or synthetic leather strap depends on the customer request. The strap color comes with brown as the regular, sometimes customer like to have black, cream color for the strap. You can find these beautiful bags easily in Ubud Bali and also in Lombok. Most of the people there sell these bags with the various prices depends on the model and also the quality.

The straw bag becomes popular in several years not only because of the small sizes (easy to bring for daily) but the material is also eco-friendly. Most of the artists using this bag and also become a signature style in 2017.  This straw bag can be mix with all fashion styles, that’s why so many fashion company also looking for these bags. Some fashion company has its own design and the manufacturer make for them.

Straw bag Bag Bali made from ata grass and rattan material. This material was used for charger plate, placemat, and also another souvenir. Bali and Lombok are the main areas for these craft made from Ata. By the time, ata grass material use for the straw bag. Surprisingly, the straw bag becomes very popular all over the world. The demands become very high. The supplier and manufacturer for the straw bag normally working with home small industries since the bags are impossible to make in one place, the demands are too many.

Time by time the model for the straw bag becomes various, the color not only brown or natural color but also in white, orange, grey, yellow, etc. But the material is not natural ata grass, it made from synthetic rattan material. Unfortunately, not all customers like to have the straw bag using synthetic rattan. They like natural material better. In another case, the other customer like colorful bag especially for young ladies. also, they like synthetic rattan since the price is lower.

The price for this bag are various, all depends on the quality. The price range is $7 – $10 for each bag. Some suppliers may sell lower or higher, you need to check the quality. You can contact us if you need ore information detail about this straw bag. We will give you all the information regarding this bag. We also supply for bulk order, we have experience working with several fashion companies/shops in the US, Spain, etc.

If you need to check our complete collection, please visit here. We also accept custom orders like this straw bag tote. You just email to for the detail design you need.

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