Let’s Talk about Basket Making Made of Rattan

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Basket makingBasket making, why the basket from rattan made. In our daily life, we often find out many kinds of household equipment, right?. Of course, we can easily find it, even though we also use it in our daily life. There are many kinds of household equipment, one of which is a basket. Do you know what are the functions of the basket in our daily life?, Well, you can use a basket for many functions both as room accessories and as another function like to put some fruits or candy, maybe. Besides that, do you know what the advantages of a basket made of rattan? and how about the process of basket making made of rattan?. Thus, we would like to answer those questions in this article entitled Let’s Talk about Basket Making Made of Rattan.

Rattan is a climbing plant from the family of palms. Rattan is a plant that is easy to grow, especially in Indonesia which is the largest producing rattan country in the world. Commonly, rattan used as the basic material of furniture like table coffee, dining table, chair, bookcase, basket, and so on. Well, a basket is one of the furniture made of rattan. Rattan basket has many functions itself like to put some fruit, to put groceries when you go to the market, to put dirty clothes, or to put some accessories, and so on. Besides, it has many functions, it also has the advantages itself. But, do you know what the advantages of a basket made of rattan? of course, it has several advantages. Thus, several advantages of basket made of rattan will be described below:

1. Affordable prices

We believe that this one is most of the people like the most. With affordable prices, you can get your unique baskets made of rattan. The baskets made of rattan has affordable prices because of the basic material is pretty easy to find. Thus, it can save your budget, right?.

2. Eco-friendly

In the past, almost a basket made from a synthesis material like plastic. As we know, plastic is a synthetic material that is not eco-friendly because it is hard to decipher. Thus, people prefer to decrease the use of things made from plastic and switch to using things made from eco-friendly material. As well as using a basket, people prefer to use a basket made from eco-friendly material like baskets made of rattan. Why basket made of rattan is eco-friendly material?. Of course, because it is made from natural materials that can be recycled when you do not use it anymore.

3. Portable

Because a basket made of rattan is portable, so you can easily carry it anywhere you want.

4. Having artistic value

Rattan basket actually made from rattan woven as a natural ornament. Thus, it can add artistic value to it.

Now, let’s move to the process of basket making made of rattan. Before you make rattan baskets, make sure to prepare the equipment and the material first. There is some equipment that you need to make a rattan basket. First, you need to buy a rattan that ready to be woven, you can get it at the nearest craft shop. Second, you should have glue as adhesive. Third, you should also prepare a

basket base, you can use both paperboard and plywood. It depends on what you prefer. Fourth, you need sandpaper too. Fifth, if you want to make interesting rattan baskets, you can add some ornaments like tape or flower ornaments maybe. Sixth, do not forget to prepare fabric as covering baskets base. Then, you also need stationary, cutter, and framework to make your basket base. The last, please prepare the material finishing to make your rattan basket more interesting. After you prepare all the equipment that you need to make rattan baskets, then times to make your rattan baskets are ready to begin. Thus, the process of basket making made of rattan will be described below:

1. Do not miss any equipment and materials, make sure you have prepared everything that you need to make rattan baskets.

2. Please determine the design of your rattan baskets that you going to make based on what you prefer. Try to determine the design as unique as possible.

3. After the design of your rattan basket is ready, you can prepare a basket base. You can use both paperboard and plywood as a basket base material. It depends on what you like the most. If you use plywood as baskets base material, make sure to clean the plywood first with sandpaper in order for the plywood surface is smooth.

4. Prepare a rattan that ready to be woven, then do weaving based on the design that you determined before. Make sure to use glue to gum the woven that you have made previously.

5. Do weaving until the woven covers the framework.

6. Then, the last process of making a rattan basket is finishing. You can color rattan baskets with paint, you can mix and match the color that you like the most. Besides that, you can also add some ornaments to make rattan baskets looks more unique and interesting.

After reading the overall of this article, are you not interested to make rattan baskets?. Yes, it depends on you, but we suggest you use it. As explained above that rattan baskets has many advantages that you can get including having affordable prices, eco-friendly, easy to carry out everywhere, and also have artistic value. So, do not worry about the advantages that you can get from it. Besides that, you also can make your rattan baskets with your own design. You just need to prepare all of the equipment and materials to make rattan baskets and follow the procedure on how to make rattan baskets. Then, it’s time for you tries to make rattan baskets with the design that you like the most as interesting as possible. It is very easy, right?. Good luck!

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