Rattan Texture

Rattan Texture

Rattan texture is an important element for the designer who will make furniture with rattan material. There is much texture of the rattan that you should know before you make the design. Weaving and the frame structure is the main part of the rattan furniture. There are a lot of options of the rattan texture you can use and apply depends on the design concept.

Rattan furniture is divide into two parts. First is Rattan natural which is using for indoor only,  but some natural rattan is also can be used for outdoor such as rattan Kubu grey, Rattan CL, and also Manau rattan. These materials can be used outdoor as well. The second is Synthetic Rattan material which is using for outdoor. The rattan texture is various since its machine-made, you can use almost all color and textured model. You can use colorful texture like green, orange, white, yellow, and another pasta color. But most customers would like to have natural color, they need the synthetic rattan color to look like original rattan. Custom color may have a minimum order, you need to make sure that you will have the quantity before ordering the color. Normally minimum order is up to 200kg, which is one chair only needs around 1,5 kg – 3 kg for your reference.

The texture is very important for the designer and also the customer, it is normal to have an idea of how the result will be. Some designs with good texture will look the same with the real design product, it will be great for all. Designers normally will use rattan texture based on their needs. They will use the texture suitable for the theme or product idea. Here is some sample of rattan texture that you can use for your design:


Rattan Natural includes the bamboo pole for the frame and webbing for the weaving.

Top row (Left to Right): Rattan CL, Rattan Semipoles, Close Webbing

Second row (Left to Right): Kubu Grey, Rattan Pitrit, Open Webbing



Synthetic rattan has many colors, it is only the sample of rattan texture, there are many color options, up to hundreds of options.

Top row (Left to Right): White Grey Polyrod, White, Slimit

Second row (Left to Right): Red Pulut, Pulut, Natural Kubu

Third row (Left to Right): Kubu Grey, Grey Mocca, Dark Brown

Fourth rows (Left to Right): Croco, Coral Shell, Antique Bronze

We manufacture most of all rattan furniture, we have many options for the rattan texture. We are also available for solid color (Red, Yellow, Green, etc). If you need a solid color, you can easily choose from Pantone color. We can follow the color from Pantone options, contact us for more pieces of information.

We hope it will be useful!

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