Synthetic rattan cane webbing

Synthetic rattan cane webbing

Synthetic rattan cane webbing is the best alternative for the designer, manufacturer, and also people that usually using natural rattan webbing. Rattan natural cane webbing becomes a trend for adding to the furniture both rattan and wooden furniture. The furniture becomes elegant when using this rattan cane webbing. While the demand for rattan natural webbing is very high, it is difficult to get the material now. The price is also getting higher since the availability is very limited. During the difficult rattan natural webbing material, we have good news that this rattan webbing can be made with synthetic or plastic rattan material. This is the best solution for everyone who needs rattan webbing material.

This new alternative is not only the solution for the people who need rattan webbing. In addition so many advantages to using this synthetic/plastic rattan webbing. Here some advantages you can get from using this rattan webbing:

More color options

Rattan natural webbing has only one color normally, if you need another color you must spray it with the color you want. But since the rattan natural material has skin on it, the chipping is the main problem. The color can not stick on the material well. It will be a big problem for everyone while they want to use it for a long time.
Using synthetic rattan or plastic rattan webbing is a good choice. You can make any color you want. Blue, white, black, yellow and so many colors that you can make from the rattan synthetic material. This is very good especially for the designer, they can make the color they want to match the interior or exterior design. If you want natural color material, you can use color as banana, Kubu grey, etc that will be very nice and close to nature.


This webbing is made from synthetic rattan and this material normally using for synthetic rattan furniture using for outdoor. This material is water-resistant and also UV resistant that already tested. You can use this both indoor and outdoor, this is what the different from the natural rattan webbing. You do not have to worry to put in the direct sun or get water directly.

Easy to clean

The material of this webbing is made from plastic or PE rattan, which means will be easier to clean by water. You just need to wap it with cleaner or you can wash it. So many ways to clean it, no need for special skills to do it. You will have not much time to do it, it will save a lot of costs rather than you use natural rattan webbing.

Better durability

Rattan natural material normally will be a break after 1-2 years it depends on the conditions of users and also the treatment. Otherwise, synthetic rattan material has long durability, it can be 3-4 years or more durability. In reference to the color of synthetic rattan normally it will be fade around 3-4 years depends on the brand you are using. There so many options when you will buy rattan webbing synthetic rattan, you can use Ecogreen, Korin, or another brand that has export standards. If you want to get a better brand you can use Rehau or Viro as they are well known for their quality. Different brands will be at different prices for sure.

Synthetic rattan cane webbing has so many advantages if you want to use it. But to make this rattan webbing synthetic rattan needs a special weaver skill to make it. It’s not easy to get the same shape in every sheet. Normally for the normal weaver, it will difficult to get the same pattern, need experience with it. This rattan webbing synthetic rattan is 100% handmade by a skilled weaver but you can find so many advantages from this material. If you are a designer or furniture manufacturer who needs this type of rattan webbing, you can contact us for more detail.


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