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rattan furniture manufacturersRattan furniture manufacturers from Indonesia are one of the favorites for the customer who has a rattan furniture business. They like the Indonesia manufacturer because the quality is better than another country. Indonesia has more experience with rattan for a long time ago. More skill, more quality material, and more weaver in Indonesia make all better.

There are several areas in Indonesia that have a rattan industry area that you should know, we hope this information will be useful for you if you want to buy rattan furniture from Indonesia. These are the area in Indonesia that doing rattan furniture:


Bali is an interesting place with many locations for vacations. Ubud, Kuta Beach, Nusa Dua, and many more. Bali has an area of around 5,780km2 with 4,22 million people. You can find so many interesting in Bali. Not only the interesting place for vacation, but you can find many ethnic souvenirs that you can buy for a gift or you can sell it in your country. Most of the popular one is a rattan or atta bag. The beautiful round bag with natural brown color from the smoked process.

Now we are back to the topic, Bali has also the furniture and accessories made from rattan. Especially rattan lampshade, peacock chairs, bed, and headboard. Bali has become the second area in Indonesia that has rattan furniture manufacturers. If you want to have a business while refreshing, Bali is the right place to visit.


Jepara located in West Java Indonesia. This area is familiar with teakwood furniture actually, but recently some people doing rattan in Jepara also. If you want to find rattan and teak wood as well, Jepara is the right place.

Solo and Semarang

Solo and Semarang are located in Central Java, its around 4 hours from Jepara. These two areas has also rattan but actually with wood also. It is similar to Jepara that has two industries, in Solo you can find rattan and wood furniture with more industrial or art wood like teak root, etc. In Semarang you can find rattan more to outdoor rattan and also wooden furniture with more modern wood. These two areas is good choices also if you want to buy rattan furniture.


Cirebon is located in West Java, Indonesia. If you go from Jakarta, you can take a train from Gambir Station (Jakarta) to Kejaksan Station (Cirebon) and take around 3 hours traveling by train. Alternatively, if you want flexibility, you can go by car from Jakarta via Tol Road need around 3-4 hours depends on the traffic. If you are serious and focus on rattan business, Cirebon is the right place. Cirebon is the largest rattan industry in Indonesia. Many rattan furniture manufacturers here since everything about wicker rattan you can find here. The materials, weaver, framer, everything you can find here. The central rattan industry in Cirebon located in Tegal Wangi, when you go to this place you will find that everywhere you will find the weaver. It is very interesting, you can take a foto for storytelling. It would be great for your Instagram, website, or your catalog. Most of all you need about rattan you can find here. Furniture, basket, accessories, etc are produced in Cirebon.

If you need more information, you can contact us to get more information. We also one of rattan furniture manufacturers in Cirebon that already has experienced in basket lampshade, furniture, and many more. We have a customer chain store, wholesaler, project, etc. Our main market is Australia, New Zealand, USA, France. We accept custom design also.

We hope this information will be useful for your business.

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