Round Rattan Placemats

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round rattan placematsRound rattan placemats are supposed to protect your dining table from any scratch and heat from the plates or dishes on the table. Other than rattan, there are various materials commonly used for a placemat. However, some people prefer to use rattan as their placemat material due to its beauty and other considerations, especially when it comes to style and colors.

So, how do we wash the placemats when it got dirt? Well, the steps of washing a placemat depend on the materials in the first place. If you have round Rattan placemats the steps would need to follow the nature of the materials as well. In this article, we are going to show you how to clean rattan placemats safely without hurting the material itself.

1 Wipe with soap and water

The first way yet the most common method is wiping your rattan placemats with soap and water. You can use a sponge or a clean cloth with warm water and two drops of dish soap. Later, gently wipe the mats to remove any residue of food or dirt. You cannot rub and scrub it because it could hurt the material. Once you are done, you can rinse it and air-dry it. This step will also help to remove any unpleasant smell from the placemats.

2 Use white vinegar

Generally, the food and dirt residue on your rattan placemats would go away just by using soap and water. However, if the dirt seems to be very stubborn, then you can try other ways instead. White vinegar is such a strong yet powerful agent to battle dirt and food residue without hurting the rattan itself.

You need to mix one part of water and one part of white vinegar. Wet a clean cloth with the mixture and wipe it down on the rattan placemats. For a more straightforward use, you can use a spray bottle and put it to the placemats in several sprays. This method is also useful for cork placemats, but you need to wipe the remaining water immediately before cork can mold if the water the residue is left sitting on it.

3 No washer

It is essential to acknowledge that rattan placemats are not suitable for washer machines. It will not hold up the speed and the dryer if you put it inside the washer. This is why you better use a sponge or clean clothes instead when it comes to cleaning the placemats. In order to keep them clean all the time, you need to do the routines at least once a week. It will also maintain the durability of rattan material as well. Also, make sure that there is no water residue to prevent molding.

Bottom line

Placemats are not just items to fill your dining table. Placemats are also decorative elements that will add color and style to your whole dining area. Dirt and food residue could ruin the entire look of your round rattan placemats and this is why you need to clean them immediately as gentle as possible.

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