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bali backpackA Pretty and Convenient Fashion Trend

Convenient yet simple, that is probably the best way to explain one of the famous backpack made from rattan. It comes in many shapes, colors, and themes. For all the fashionistas around the world, this bag is a must-have. You can pair this with your favorite summer outfit, sundress, and a flip-flop. This trendy fashion item is handmade by Bali’s rattan craftsmen and sold all over Ubud Market and other popular markets in Bali. With its own signature style and eco-friendly material, this little yet really handy backpack becomes one of the travelers “Must Buy Item” in Bali.

This handy and pretty bag has its own advantages. Other than being simple and artistic, this backpack is actually a good life because it is made from high-quality rattan. It is also really light and easy to carry, so you don’t have to worry about hurting your back and shoulder while carrying this bag around. This traditional bag has so many styles and themes, but the most famous ones are the rounded shape with the floral theme, the square ones, and the semi-rounded shape.

This Backpack is made from “Ata Plant” or Lygodium Circinnatum. This plant is kind of hard to find, that is why rattan craft becomes more fascinating for the buyers. It’s also have been shipped all over the world because of its popularity. The Craftsman usually accepts hundreds even thousands of customers ‘ demand. The process of making this bag started by choosing the best material, cleaning and finally weaving the material into this beautiful handmade bag. Making it takes a lot of hours and only one backpack can be done in a day. Imagine making hundreds and thousands of these, it can take months.

After the weaving process, this bag must be dried for a couple of hours before they can begin making the inside part of the bag. The inside is usually made from batik fabric with beautiful features. The craftsman will sew the fabric inside the bag making sure it won’t tear up easily. The final process of making this backpack is to add straps to complete the look. The straps are usually made from leather. It can also be made with synthetic leather, this usually affects the final price of the product.

The final product is sold in the markets, an art shop, and even at online shops for international buyers. You can purchase this traditional Bali Backpack from Rp 200.000 to Rp 350.000. The price range differs depends on the quality of the backpack, the complexity of the theme, and also where you buy the bag. Purchasing at a traditional market usually cheaper than buying at a local Art shop. I recommend buying at a traditional market. Not only because it is cheaper but you bargain with the seller to get the best deal, besides that there are lots of different styles you can choose from. Usually, the seller would even give you a huge discount if you purchase more than one backpack. But either way, buying at a traditional market or at an art shop is a good way to support local merchants.

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