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rattan wood suppliersRattan wood suppliers in Indonesia is located in Cirebon. There are many companies in this location.  If you are looking for biggest area of the rattan wood supplier, Cirebon is the right places. It is located in West Java of Indonesia.

The location of the central industry in Cirebon is Tegalwangi. Most of the people in this area is a craftsman. When you are coming to this area, you will see many craftsman everywhere. Its nice place to visit. Not only for bussiness, but also for the tourism. This area is becoming famous since they can make high quality of rattan furniture and export to World wide. Germany, USA, Australia is the main market for rattan furniture from Cirebon. Japan is also the big market for this rattan furniture.

There are many products that you can see in this area:

  1. Living set and Dining set, mostly the promotional items are be the best seller. For example Bahama set, Pelangi set are the best seller. It is being sold from year to year
  2. Single chair. Papasan and mamasan is the best seller like bahama set.
  3. Dining chair. This single chair is made from wooden frame (mostly mahogany, and mango wood) with banana for the weaving. The price is quite cheap
  4. Rattan Basket. This is the best seller for this area also. There are laundry basket, planter, and other accessories.

If you want to go to Cirebon and see the rattan wood suppliers, please note that there is no aiport here. You can take a train or private car from Jakarta. It will tak about 3 hours by car or by train 3,5 hours. If you come from another city such as Jogjakarta, Solo, and Jepara , the train is the best options.

Mostly companies in Cirebon has it own specialized, if you want to come there and see the product or need a suggestions, you can contact us and we will give some information before you visit to Cirebon. Please feel free to contact us if you still have any questions.

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