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rattan basket indonesiaRattan basket Indonesia is very famous in the world market. Everyone will be agree with this statement because 80% of Rattan material in the world is come from Indonesia. There are several species of rattan in Indonesia, every species has different characteristic. The best species is Manao rattan. This is very good for furniture and other crafts.

When you see rattan basket in the world market, you will see that mostly they come from Indonesia. There are many buyer from US, Europe, Asia, etc buy from Indonesia. There are big customer that buy basket from Indonesia, for example IKEA. They buy in bulk quantity every year. One item can be ordered in thousands pcs.

Rattan basket Indonesia mostly come from Cirebon. Cirebon is the the main industry for rattan furniture and basket in Indonesia. You will find a lot of rattan furniture and basket manufacturer in this area. But you need to get detail information about each company. They have different prices and different quality. It will be good if you also have quality control or agent that can check during the production process.

If you want to see the basket craftsman in Cirebon, you need to go to Rajagaluh area. This is the main area for rattan basket in Cirebon. You can go there by car and take about 40 minutes from Cirebon. make sure you go there with a person who know well about this area and know about where to see the good basket craftsman.

There a lot of rattan basket product,you can buy laundry basket, planter, waste bin, and other rattan basket. When you buy in bulk quantity, you can negotiate to get the best prices. This is very important for the wholesaler so they can sell with competitive prices.

If you need more information about rattan basket Indonesia product and need information detail about prices, model, etc please contact us and we will give more information.


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  1. HI DAER

    I have inq about attached two design baskets
    1. I need similar image or whether u can exact design we need
    2. Prices based on these qty
    3. Your export market and certificates you have

    If anything contact me we whatsapp / mobile +94 777004632

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