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Hotel furniture manufacturersHotel furniture manufacturers are being the company who the designer is looking for. The designer needs a furniture manufacturer that can make the design as they want. The designer has their own design and they need to find the best manufacturer for them. There is a lot of furniture types for the hotel based on the material. For modern furniture normally use stainless, batyline, iron, and other metal materials. The classic style uses more natural materials such as rattan/wicker, mahogany wood, teak wood, bamboo, and other materials.

Classic and natural have become the goods choice for back to nature concept at this moment. Many designers are like to use natural materials for their interior and exterior concepts. We got so many contacts from the designer to make the furniture from rattan material. Rattan material is very popular for everyone. The pattern looks classic and elegant for every side of the Hotel, Cafe, Restaurant. The material also can be used for many items for the Hotel. Laundry basket, Headboard, Chair, Cabinet, table, and many more of the furniture. For exterior use normally using synthetic rattan material since this material is water-resistant and also has UV protection. You can put it outdoor without worries.

There are a lot of hotel furniture manufacturers in Indonesia based on their specialist materials. We are one of the hotel furniture manufacturers in Indonesia that specialist makes furniture from rattan wicker materials. We already export to many countries for hotels, restaurants, Apartments, and another project. We accept custom design for the furniture, the customer just sent the technical drawing in CAD or another format that has the detail of the design.

We make many designs of the Headboard, Bed, chair for the lobby, chair for restaurant, laundry basket, and other furniture that you need for the Hotel. If you need more pieces of information, please feel free to contact us. You can ask all the information regarding furniture for the hotel based on rattan materials especially.

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