Indonesia Furniture Wholesale Market Overview

Furniture from indonesia wholesaleFurniture from Indonesia wholesale from Cirebon. If you are looking for wholesale products from Indonesia, here are some interesting products and also the place you can visit.

There are many products that you can buy wholesale. With this information, we will provide information for natural and handmade products. This is one of the best products that you can buy from Indonesia. This information is based on our experience and knowledge as we are living in Indonesia and also doing export Furniture from Indonesia wholesale for rattan furniture products. Here we go for the information that we hope will help you.

Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture from Indonesia is well known for its quality, and very well workmanship. Many big customers buy from Indonesia. There are several places in Indonesia that have rattan furniture companies. Jepara, Semarang, Solo, Bali, and Cirebon are the area that you can visit. But if you want to buy in a wholesale order, the best place is Cirebon. Another city that we informed earlier may have rattan furniture but not as many companies in Cirebon. There is a lot of weavers, framer, and everything you need for rattan furniture in Cirebon. You also can visit our website to know about the rattan furniture that mostly buys from Cirebon.

Wood Furniture

Wood furniture in Indonesia consists of Teak furniture, Suar furniture, Mahogany furniture, Pine furniture, and other furniture. There is also style of wooden furniture in Indonesia like modern furniture, contemporary furniture, minimalist furniture, driftwood furniture, recycled furniture, and another style you like. You can find all this wood furniture in Jepara, Solo, Semarang, Jogjakarta, Bali, and several places. Same to Rattan furniture in Cirebon, you can find many workmanship, crafter, and many more in Jepara. Jepara area is well known as the city that has been for many years exported wood furniture. You can find any wood furniture here from retail to wholesale. If you are a wholesaler, it will be better to visit Jepara as well.

Craft and Decoration

Crafts and Decorations are always suitable for your home. Since everybody needs these items, many companies looking for bulk orders wholesale. There are many craft items that you can sell such as bags, lamps, mirrors, statues, and other craft items. If you are looking for these items, you need to visit Bali. This place is not only familiar with the beautiful places but has also many handmade craft items that you can explore. One of the big demands in Bali at this moment is the bag. Round bags are made from ata or atta grass, and some bags are made from rattan also. You can buy wholesale, in hundreds of thousands of bags here. Other craft items are the mirror, lamps, and other small accessories. Bali is the best place for business while vacationing. You can do both together.

Recycle Teak 

Recycling wood is eco-friendly material, the demand is becoming higher time by time. Since this is old wood and recycled to be new furniture, it will be a good option to keep our nature in good condition. Old root from the timber is also very nice for a table, chair, etc. You can see these items from Ngawi, Probolinggo, and some other places.

That’s the information Furniture from Indonesia wholesale may you need since May information you need is not in this article. You can contact us to ask for more pieces of information.

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