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Bistro Chair | How to make and where to buy the chair

A Bistro chair is the perfect match for interior design selections, one of the challenging tasks is choosing the best chair for your dining room. Sometimes it can be pretty hard to find proper dining chairs, depending on the room’s atmosphere, what interior design you want in your room, and your dining room ideas. Bistro Chair is one popular chair selection for dining and casual relaxation chairs.

However, what is precisely Bistro Chair? Why it has become quite a big hit in the 90s and now becoming a staple chair for casual dining rooms and cafes. Today, we are going to talk about the big hit of the Bistros chair, like the French Bistros chair, how it became popular in American households, and why it also contributed to the rise of rattan furniture.

One of the most common types of Bistros chair is made from Rattan. Rattan is one of the most popular furniture materials; very flexible, lightweight, and yet durable. It was made famous in the Victorian era when exotic goods and furniture became quite a common sight in households and sought after. Rattan plants can be found in Indonesia, South East Asia, and part of Southern China, thus creating the idea of exotic Asian plants.

What is the Exactly Bistro Chair?

Bistro Chair, French Bistros chair, or Cafe chair is a type of chair that becomes quite popular in the 90s, especially in the American household, among the French and German immigrants. It is most famous as a dining chair, patio relaxing chair, as well as famous for cafe chair too. It features a pillowed backrest with curving armrests and a curved design chair and is lightweight.

It is popular due to the rustic designs that it seems to have, and it is generally made of lighter, flexible materials such as Rattan and Aluminum. It also contributes to the rising popularity of rattan furniture in the 90s, and ever since today, rattan furniture has been highly sought after in western households.

Today, Bistros chairs have become a staple for cafe and relaxing patio chairs. It is also suitable for rustic atmosphere rooms, perfect for people who want to create a rustic interior design. Usually, the Bistros chair for the dining room is complemented with a laminated wooden table, teak furniture, and rustic cabinet. For a cafe, Bistro Chair is perfect for an outdoor dining area and relaxing streetside cafe.

The bistro chain was first popularized in the French region, becoming quite a big hit, and it has been named French Cafe chairs. In the 90s, French immigrants brought them to the US, and since then, it has become quite a selection for many American households. It was once relegated as the cobblestone sidewalks cafe of Paris, now becoming popular for many American houses who want rustic looks in their dining room.

From kitchen to patio and dining room, the French Cafe chair is one perfect choice for the furniture, especially the Rattan chair. It is one of the most popular rustic interior designs; Lightweight, rustic style, and comfortable.

Why did the French Bistros Chair Become Popular In The World?

It is easy to see why the Bistro chair has become quite a popular choice of furniture for dining rooms in the US and Europe. It is light, stylish, perfect for a rustic atmosphere, comfortable, and durable compared to a wooden chair. Many French Bistros chairs are also made from Rattan, a type of fibrous palm that, when appropriately manufactured, has resistance to termites and is very durable.

Here are a few reasons why Bistro Chair has become quite popular in the US and worldwide.

  • Lightweight – Bistros chair, primarily made from Rattan or Aluminum, is very light. It is one perfect charm to have for patio chairs and dining rooms. Easy to be moved and lifted while also maintained.
  • Stylish – Bistros chair has a classic, rustic look of wooden rattan furniture. Complemented with other rattan furniture like a patio chair, rattan basket, or cupboard, it could make the perfect rustic atmosphere in your room.
  • Durable – When polished and manufactured, the rattan chair could become durable yet flexible. It can resist weather and termites, and its standard lifetime of rattan chair would at least hold out for more than 8 – 10 years.
  • Comfortable – Comfortable bistro looks, with flexible back and armrest. It would make your dining experience far more comforting and warm in your family.

How Was The Rattan Bistro Chair Made?

So, how were the Rattan chair and other types of furniture made? How it was made from the husk of fibrous plants that grew wild in South East Asia to become the flexible yet durable Bistros chair that has been exported worldwide and is very popular in Europe and the US. Here are steps on how the bistros rattan chair was made, from the wild Rattan to the chic rustic furniture.

  • Rattan was harvested and then transported.

Rattan wood was harvested from Rattan farmers; many also look out for wild Rattan in the wilderness of Borneo forest, where nearly 70% of the world’s wild Rattan was grown. However, typically farmers can only harvest rattan wood that has been at least 20 – 30 years old, harvested too soon, and the wood will be brittle and can’t be used for furniture.

Many Indonesian farmers can now cultivate Rattan, however, it still takes a very long time to grow, and it also requires other taller trees to grow beside them since Rattan is a type of vine that grows on a nearby tree.

  • Rattan needs to be cleaned, dried, and then rolled

Raw Rattan must be cleaned, dried, and rolled before it is manufactured into furniture. Rattan farmers also need to soak the Rattan in the water for at least 24 hours before it is dried and then rolled.

  • The farmer takes the dried Rattan to suppliers.

Rattan suppliers buy the dried Rattan from the farmer. Typically around one kilogram of raw Rattan was priced around 70 to 120 thousand rupiahs per Kilo, around $8 to $10 per Kilo. Suppliers then kept the Rattan until it was distributed to the furniture manufacturer.

  • Suppliers sold and then transported Rattan into the manufacturing household. 

In Indonesia, most rattan furniture was made in households, not the big manufacturers or factories. However, it was still mostly made by hand, raising the value of its finished products. The price for raw Rattan was already high due to the long time it grew and was hard to come by; the value soared more due to the handcrafted furniture of chairs and other rattan furniture.

  • Households create rattan crafts and furniture.

Manufacturer typically creates crafts and furniture like chair, basket, and other rattan homemade crafts. However, the manufacturer still made it by handcraft, raising the price of finished rattan furniture and Bistro chairs.

  • Rattan furniture is then sold to the exporter, or households can export it themselves.

Manufacturers then sold the rattan furniture locally around their households. They also sold it to the local exporter, where the exporter would export it, then ship it to the US or Europe market. It is scarce for manufacturers themselves to also deal with exporting business.

This was how Rattan was processed, manufactured, then turned from wild vines grown in the wilderness of Indonesia Forest into the chic Bistro Chair that you can find on the broad cobblestone walk in Paris Cafe. Unfortunately, this is also why some authentic, handcrafted rattan furniture and chairs could be pretty expensive, as processing rattan is intricate, and the Rattan itself takes quite a long time to mature.

Different Variety Of Bistro Chair Designs

When purchasing a Bistros chair, you might notice that there are different types and designs for Bistros rattan chairs; you make find our collection here. Depending on the designer, the bistros rattan chair has different designs, shapes, colors, and functionality. There was also authentic handcrafted rattan chair and other manufactured Rattan furniture. Typically there are five popular types of bistro rattan chairs in Europe and the US.

Typically you can find many interior designers that release their line of furniture of lounges and chairs with different classical designs. In addition, you can see many different designs in the online shop and retailer, which can be purchased at relatively affordable prices.

  • Amazon Style is a classic design popular in many cafes, restaurants, and eateries. It is quite a popular design in Europe, and it features the classic checkered designs made from fiber, plastic, resin, and Rattan, with the colors navy, white, black, and grey complimenting it.
  • American BistrosThe classic recolored design of the Bistros rattan chair, designed with the colors beige, blue, gray, and green. It is pretty popular in many sidewalk cafés and American households.
  • Bali bistros styleIt is a classic bistros chair design with the color of blue and white stripes. It also features quite a thick armrest and backrest, made of resin and woven Rattan.
  • Australia Armchair is a practical armrest design of the classic Australia chair. It offers refreshing designs, as well as with the offered color of gray, white, black, and navy.
  • Kolombo style Bistros chairKolombo style Bistro chair, mostly made from a manao frame to make it elegant, can withstand weather and still maintain the lightweight features of a bistros chair. It features the color Gray, brown, and Blue.

Its price range could vary from the Amazon, Kolombo style Bistros chair, American, and Bali chair. You can contact us to get more detail about pricing. Even though it is pretty and not too expensive, especially if it is a handmade, authentic chair, the quality would be worth it for its price.

Tips When Decorating Room Using Bistros Chair

While typically, people who want to use bistros’ chairs would love the classical and rustic looks, it is understandable if you want symmetry and match-up furniture. The rustic Bistro cafe chair is typically good to complement it with a lighter wooden table. It is also an excellent choice to pair it with other fun chairs, such as linen end chairs and rattan relaxation chairs.

Bistro chair sets and collections are also available in different styles and colors. Of course, you will be the one who decides the color of furniture you want, but typically the Bistros chair’s standard color is at least white, black, blue, or navy.

A few things to consider when using a Bistro chair to decorate and create various colors and atmospheres. You also need to consider your home’s flooring, wall color, wood tones, lighting, and furniture placement. You can also find different variations of color and styles of rattan chairs, so keep it in mind when looking at the exact matching furniture you want to pair your bistro’s chair with.

So, What Things To Consider When Choosing, And Buying A Bistro Dining Chair?

Before you click on the purchase button or bring home the new dining chair, there are a few things you need to know as consideration, such as the size of your room, dining table size, the design aesthetic, etc. These are some tips on choosing the proper dining room chair to ensure you get the best aesthetic of Bistros chair while also getting the best price for it.

  • Consider the size of your dining table – The shape and size of the dining table could affect the aesthetic of the chairs you are looking for.
  • Match with the overall design aesthetic – Of course, the overall aesthetic and the whole design is essential if you want to create classic rustic looks with the bistro rattan dining chairs.
  • Who will mainly use the dining space? – You also need to consider if you have kids or elderly parents who need safety and kid-friendly dining chairs.

Now, that’s it of our discussion about the Bistro Chair from how it was created, the variety of its design, and things you should know before buying and decorating your home with ones. Bistros rattan chair is one of the most versatile styles of chairs and furniture, perfect for dining room, patio, and outdoor tables.

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