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Rattan Bag ManufacturerRattan Bag Manufacturer (Rattan Cirebon) present Round Wicker Bag as seen on ‘Sincerely Jules’ and also ‘Collection Vintage’ is designed to be huge sufficient for your phone, small purse & lip balm.

This gorgeous bag is hand woven in the East of Bali, a little village understood for great basketry. The material is called Ata or Ati and also is a reed, making the product strong as well as durable. The items are all “smoked” over coconut husks as component of the drying process, which adds beautiful aging and leaves the bag with a minor natural scent that goes away over time.

Each Round wicker bag is individually handmade made, lined with conventional batik print, a leather band and also a special hand woven pattern.

*** Please Note ***
Being handcrafted NO TWO BAGS ARE IDENTICAL!

There are 2 weave styles:

1. Simple Weave or
2. Flower weave

And two clip selections:
1. Leather Clip, or
2. Woven Bow Clip

Several of our bags might have minor variations in layout and also size, this is an all-natural incident in handcrafted items and one of the several factors we like it so! Because of the handmade nature, no two layouts will certainly be exactly alike giving you a long lasting one-of-a kind item to treasure for several years ahead.

Please note: Each bag is handmade, and also may vary slightly in dimension and also detail because of the nature of this thing.<br />
Handling entails smoking cigarettes in a standard oven over coconut husks to add stamina. All-natural smoked aroma due to the process in which the bag is made.
Approx 20 to 22cm round

This Round wicker bag is readily available for wholesale rates, contact us for additional information about the prices, packaging. Please call or whatsapp to +628122987001 to get fast response.

48 thoughts on “Rattan Bag Manufacturer

  1. To whom it may concern,

    My business partner and I are starting a handbag line in Bali and looking for a local manufacturer. I know that your company is a wholesaler but do you also facilitate production?

    We are looking for a factory to produce custom woven ata grass bags, ideally working with the tribe in Tenganan where these products were first created. Please let me know if this is something you would be capable of manufacturing. If not, any suggestions on a local factory/broker would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Krystle Quilala

  2. Hi, I would like to purchase bags wholesale and would like to inquire about having a look at your pricelist.

  3. I am in Bali now and am looking to purchase some rattan bags. I wonder if it would be possible to send me a price list. I’m not sure where you are located but I am in Sanur at the moment and am planning to head up to Ubud in a day or so. Thanking you in advance.

  4. Hello, please can I find out more about wholesale prices on on both weave types with the leather clip. Also is there an option for customising the fabric inside? Many thanks.

  5. Hi. I’m planning to produce my own designs in Bali. Please, let me know it’ll You produce wowen bags? My email: β€œ.khrystoforova@gmail.com

  6. Hi ! I am starting a business of personalised rattan bags in France.
    Your product looks really beautiful and I love that it is handmade, so I’m really interested to know more !
    Can you send me more information about :
    – your prices (individual versus quantity)
    – shipping and delivery times
    – customisation flexibility (how will it work for a different shape or to add material within the bag)
    – the product, can I get extra pictures?

    Please send me this information at julien.gonzi@gmail.com.
    Or let me know if another communication channel suits you better.

    Thanks in advance !

  7. Hi! We are a trading company in Spain and we are looking to import the bags for the coming summer season. We would like to know more about the prices (individual versus quantity), shipping and delivery times, payment terms, and pictures of all the models? My email is keivan@tradeinbcn.com .

  8. Hi there,
    We’re also starting an online business and are looking for a supplier for the rattan bags.
    Could you please email me details about the prices as well as shipping times to Malaysia and payment conditions? Thx
    My email: hazel3889@gmail.com

  9. Hello! I’m also starting an online business in the Philippines, a lifestyle brand in particular. We would like to feature one rattan bag. Can you please send me a price list for the rattan bags? Please include the wholesale prices as well. My email is santosgabd@gmail.com.

    Thank you!

  10. Can you send me more information about :
    – your prices (individual versus quantity)
    – shipping and delivery times
    – customisation flexibility (how will it work for a different shape or to add material within the bag)
    – the product, can I get extra pictures?

    Please πŸ“§ me ,tq

  11. Hello, As I can see you have many request.
    I’m also interested in Rattan bags all of them and I would like to know more about your rates (individual vs quantity), shipping, tax, pictures, well as much information as you can.
    Thank you in advance for your time.
    My email is juanamaria.garau@gmail.com.

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