Rattan walking stick suppliers

rattan walking stick suppliersRattan walking stick suppliers from Indonesia , how to find it?

It is not easy to find rattan walking stick suppliers, you need to make sure that they have enough materials to make the stick. Walking stick usually made from rattan manao. This is the best materials for walking stick because the durability and the texture is nice. This kind of rattan is rarely to find at this moment. If you get it, the price some time is high. But if you have good connection to the people in rattan forest, it will be easy.

Rattan walking stick mostly have this specification:

  1. Length, about 120cm . It also depends on the customer request, sometime they asking lower (about 110cm)
  2. Handle curved about diametre 10-12 cm normaly. It will be look nice
  3. Rattan diameter is about 26-28 cm. Uses this range in order to keep it strong
  4. Rattan used are Manao, this is the best rattan material for walking stick

Making the rattan walking stick is not only bending the rattan and finished. There are several step you have to know. Here are the step:

  1. Choose the material, make sure to have good length. It will be good for eficiency, one rattan material can be used for 2 walking stick
  2. You have to oven the rattan material to the special oven to make rattan easy to bend.
  3. Bend it on the handle, make sure the size is correct to get comfortable handling.
  4. Wash it, there are some dirty walking stick after oven and bending
  5. Final finishing fo rthe last touch.

If you need to see directly how to make the walking stick, you can visit to Cirebon and we will show you how to make it. It will be good for your reference. It is not easy to find the good rattan walking stick suppliers in Indonesia, but you can contact us for more information.


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