Rattan furniture manufacturers indonesia

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rattan furniture manufacturers indonesiaRattan furniture manufacturers indonesia. Rattan Cirebon is a furniture maker with broad range of goods which are beautifully and classic made from natural light, synthetic rattan, and wood furniture. Located in Cirebon -West Java, Indonesia we’re very happy to serve our clients throughout the country and beyond.

Together with our expertise for over 11 decades of exporting furniture nationally, we’ve got international perspective and international quality criteria, which will provide you inspiration and ideas of furniture.

In Rattan Cirebon, we also allow you to locate, decorate, and layout the ideal furniture for any kind of requirements both for indoor and outdoor. In the ideal material we additionally diverse array of sofa set, dining set, chair, table, garden furniture, pub set for home, hotel, restaurant, hotel, and a lot more.

We supply premium excellent material for rattan, for example natural rattan, water hyacinth, bananas, seagrass and kobogray. Additionally, we also supply artificial material, for example viro and rehau whilst wood furniture created from teak, mahogany, and reclaimed teak.

Along with this, we constantly strive to get an excellence of support as Rattan furniture manufacturers indonesia, providing you exceptional gratification that’s simply our dedication and key value for our company.

We’re always pleased to assist you with any queries or enquiries, drop us an email to info@rattancirebon.com

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