Peacock chair for sale

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Peacock chair for sale available at Rattan Cirebon.

Peacock chair for sale. Peacock chair is the special chair come from Asia. In the 19th century, this chair bring to America and be the famous chair. This is is very unique, the back made large size such as peacock with the complete decorations. If you see the Peacock chair you will see the Peacock birds.

Peacock chair maker is become rare, this chair need special skill to make it. Not all people can make this chair. Only people that has experienced and have passion can make this chair.

When you want to buy Peacock chair, its not easy to find the good prices. Since this chair is become rare and not all shop sell this chair. The good news for you is we can help you to get the good prices for this Peacock chair because we work with the Peacock craftsmen directly. Peacock chair for sale can be bought from us, you can call us +628122987001 or email to

Are you wholesaler for these Peacock chair? do not missed our best prices for wholesaler. The price will be beaten you competitor. Make sure you already contact us before you buy wholesale Peacock chair.

Here are some our craftsmen workshop or click our collection.


Selecting Rattan

It's the process of selecting the main frame. We have to make sure the the frame will be have same size and have good materials.

Rattan Bending

This process need good accuracy, we have to make sure that all the rattan pole will have same size for all chairs.

Base Frame

making the circle rattan for Peacock base and also chair seat. All circle must be jointed well.

Part of Peacock Chair

We will make seperate part for Peacock chair, its must be detail for all part. These all will be jointed after finished.


The seperate parts will be jointing and we make final part for back Peacock chairs.


Final step is decorating the Peacock chairs. This is the crucial step, need the special skill since the parts is very fragile.

Peacock chair for sale

20 thoughts on “Peacock chair for sale

  1. Hi , I’d like to enquire about wholesaling the peacock and other cane chairs ?
    I live in Brisbane Australia , Do you sell to anyone here yet ?
    I’m coming to bali in the end of May and will come see you ?

    1. Hi Marita, thanks for your interested to our Peacock Chairs. It will be nice to receive your visit. We did not sell to anyone in Brisbane at this moment. if you need more information, please email to . Thanks!

  2. I live in Auckland NZ and are interested in purchasing Peacock chair would you be able to send me price list etc.
    Rae Neilson

  3. I live in Auckland NZ and want to purchase peacock rattan chair could you please send me pricelist
    Rae Neilson

  4. Good Morning
    Im wanting to purchase Peacock Chairs I will be in Bali 26.8.18/17.9.18
    Can you send me and pictures you have also pricelist and do you ship to Australia (Sydney)
    Can I also get your Details of Location
    Many Thanks

  5. Could you please send me price list for peacock chairs ? I will be in Bali this month and would like to have one shipped back to Australia .

  6. Hi, I live in portugal and I m interesting in peacock chair, it s possible to send me more information by email and if is possible to send the products to portugal?

  7. Hello, I live in the USA i would Love to Buy a Peacock Chair i dont know if you ship to the USA and what are your prices on the chair or to ship in the USA. Thank You

  8. Hi could you please send me a price list and sizes for a peacock chair how much would it cost to send Queensland Australia ? 🌺 Melia

  9. Hi my name is Bree and I would love one of your peacock chairs. I’m in Newcastle Australia and if possible could you please send me a price list and shipping costs please

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