Wicker Hamper Manufacturer

Wicker Hamper Manufacturer from Cirebon (Rattan Cirebon) present large collection of wicker hamper. Starting from source in our country-Indonesia we aimed to make production used rattan product right into rattan basket craft that could be used in everyday life such us fruit basket, plant basket, laundry basket, and so on. For rattan materials we make use of are Kubu, CL, Slimit, Pitrit, Banana, and other materials.
We are try to imaginative in establish of rattan basket style to satisfy demands of each clients. And for the most our dedication to keeping the quality as well as timeliness in production.
if you have to review or have a style that will certainly be quotes, please do not think twice to contact us. we valued as well as pleased to be your companion in bussines. We will help you to supply your needs.

Please contact us now and see our rattan basket collection here.

Wicker Hamper Manufacturer

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