Synthetic Rattan Material

synthetic rattan materialOur synthetic rattan furniture are using many models of synthetic rattan material. Every customer has their own design with specific material. We have some reference material to use for your synthetic rattan furniture. Here some our suggestion for you.

Weaving model and sizes for regular material

  1. Polypeel 6mm, this material suitable for the square model, flat shape for this material will be look smooth for the square model. If you use this model for round furniture, it will not good shape.
  2. Polyrod 3mm, this material is stronger than polypeel 3mm. Suitable for round model such as terrace egg chair  and other round model. If you use this for dining table, make sure there is a glass on the top of table because if the small food come in to the weaving its little difficult to clean it.
  3. Full Core 6mm,  this material suitable for big sofa, and other big items. It will look strong . But the price of furniture may higher than other material because of the kgs of material using and weaving cost is higher.
  4. Half Core 6mm, this material same with full core 6mm but cheaper. The different is only the size, this is half round. The furniture will be cheaper than full core 6mm.
  5. Flat 20-30mm, this material is suitable for big furniture and look modern.


There are some brand of synthetic rattan material.

  1. Local Brand : Ecogreen, Sunstrand, Sinar Mentari, Ecolene, and other. These material are approximately has about 3-4 years for colour fadness
  2. Branded : Viro, Rehau. These material are approximately about 5-6 years for colour fadness.

This synthetic rattan material are just the sample for the regular material. Usually every company or every customer has their own sizes. We are available for developing colour and sizes based on the customer request. Contact us for more information.

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  1. Hi I’m looking for some synthetic rattan weave ideally in champagne colour but would consider a best match. My dog has chewed the edge of the table that we have not even had for a week! Are you able to help? I am not a company just member of the public

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