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Rattan factory Indonesia is located in Cirebon mostly, some rattan factory located in Semarang, and Jepara. But, Cirebon is the biggest area for rattan furniture from Indonesia. If you are looking for rattan manufacturer or wholesaler just go to Cirebon. You will find many rattan factory here.

Cirebon is the part of West Java Indonesia. There is no airport here, if you want to go from Jakarta you can take a train from Jakarta . It will take about 3 hours. Train is the best way if you do not want to get traffic when you are going to Cirebon.

There is a lot of option in Cirebon with the different prices also. It depends on the quality, the production cost (overhead cost) of each factory, and other. You need to know well each factory before you place the order. If you have a person or friend in Cirebon it will be good.

When you need asssistance you can contact us and we will inform you the best manufacturer there.

rattan factory indonesia

9 thoughts on “Rattan factory Indonesia

  1. Hello.
    My name is Songmi.
    I’m from Korea.

    I’m looking for the factory that can make rattan stool I designed.
    Could you recommand several factory that can make my own design?
    And also possible to send to Korea?
    I want to sell in Korea.
    Could you tell me the e-mail adresses?

    Thank you!

  2. Hello,
    I wanna import rattan from your side to here Korea.
    Can you send me catalogue and some price ideas, minimum qty, etc.?

    Terima kasih

  3. Hello.
    I am so glad to contact you.
    I am distributing in Korea.
    I want to distribute rattan products, can you recommend the factory?
    I’ll wait for your contact.
    Thanks 😀

  4. Hi,

    This is Carrie Chen from Taiwan. I am looking for some manufacturers of Rattan Baskets to export to the USA. Please recommend several factories of Rattan. Really appreciate your help, thanks.

    With best regards,

  5. Hi.
    I am a private business owner who is selling in Korea.

    I’m looking for a company that can supply Ratan products to sell in Korea, so I hope I can get some help. If you can help me, I’d like you to send me an email.

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