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Wicker basket with lid model SA 015. The design is unique, looks like a drum. It will make your home look more unique. The lid of the basket can protect your tools, clothes, toys, etc inside. The basket is designed with the handle to make easier open and close the basket lid. This basket is lightweight so it is easier to move in every part of your home.

The material made from rattan Kubu grey, actually the raw material is color is yellow. Due to the special process, the color becomes grey. The color is unique and becomes very popular in the market. Grey color is not by chemical spray, but it soaked into the water. Not all weather can make the grey color, in Cirebon Indonesia, there are several areas that the water can do this process. But you can not do the process in another area to make a grey color. Seems the water is special.

This wicker basket with lid already controlled well by our QC team. This is the standard process for our goods for export. We control everything until the packaging process. We also available for external quality control, some of our customers have independent quality control to check before loading.

Our wicker basket with lid has various model, you can check also our complete basket here. There are small wicker baskets, wicker basket with handle, and another basket model. We also available for custom design, you can email us all the detail of the custom basket. We do a basket for wholesale as retail as well. We work the project also basket for restaurants, cafes, hotels, and others. Normally they using the basket for the waste bin, tissue case, bread basket, laundry basket, etc.

The color of the basket actually not only grey as in the picture, but we are also available for custom colors like green, white, full black, etc. But may we suggest using different rattan material in order for the color not easy to chip. The normally colored basket is using rattan with skin off.

If you have any questions regarding our basket, please feel free to contact us. We recomended to see our wicker basket with handle and small wicker basket as the best seller.