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Small wicker basket design SA 079 with a set of 3. It’s good to have a small wicker basket in your home. There are so many advantages if you have it. Every people has so many tools and other items in their home and it is not easy to organize them in the home. You have a book, pen, staples, and other items especially small items.

The basket with wicker material is the best option to organize your items in the home. Wicker has a flexible characteristic, good durability, and of course cheap prices. The shape is also various, you will have many options for your home based on the place. A round wicker basket, Square wicker basket, and the Oval wicker basket is the most popular shape. The color is not the only natural, but you will also find other colors such as red, yellow, green, etc.

There are many functions of the small wicker basket. Especially for your small items:

Basket for remote TV

A remote tv is a small tool and an important thing. This remote handle all your TV program and also easier for you to move from one channel to another channel. You can easier also using remote TV to handle Youtube on TV. Since its a small item, sometimes you missed it on the Sofa, Carpet, and other near the TV. But if you have a basket for remote TV, you live will be easier. Never missed the remote tv again, just put in the basket and save your time.

Basket for your Pen and other office utilities

It will be a great thing if you can organize your pen, eraser, staples, and other office tools. It will make you easier to find everything in one basket. No need to find it again in the drawer or in other places. Just one basket you can save your time

There are still many functions of the small basket for your home. It will make your home look organized and save time. We also recommended a wicker basket with lid and basket with handle for your home. It will be good if you have it. If you need more info regarding our basket, you can contact us or you can visit our complete collection here.