SA 007

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Sharing is caring!

Rattan basket supplier from Indonesia present SA007. This beautiful and charming wicker basket is your home’s needed washing remedy. The fantastic wicker with detail trimming create terrific sentimental quality. Perfect for your bathroom. Protect your clothes with its simple basket.

Wicker baskets have actually typically been made use of to provide an extra modern-day take on interior decor.
Made from rattan wicker, this square rattan laundry container supplies a tough and also versatile remedy to the usually evasive room and restroom storage space. The baskets retain their performance whilst becoming part of a more recent, trendier design visual

This innovative yet charming basket will assist save washing or aid carry your cleaning around thehouse with ease.

Crafted from rattan wicker and also a long lasting material this would look excellent as component of any type of natural, minimalistic or nation themed design.

Please contact us for more information and check out our another basket collection here.


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