Rattan Bag 017

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Ata Straw Bag 017 collection. A rustic and elegant straw bag to bring along to your next beach vacation! Easy to fit with any outfit also it is spacious enough for all of your essentials.

Each ata straw bag is handmade by skilled sailors using quality straw or thermoplastic substances. The baby blue batik liner brings a gentle touch to the tote.

Ata straw Bags are traditionally treated over coconuts’ fire, which provide them a pure smoky odor which will go away later airing them for a couple of days.


– Leather closed
– Batik print liner (arbitrary )
– Steps 20cm diameter x 8cm elevation
– Able to match iPhone 8+

Because of the handmade nature of these totes, minor variations in color and size may occur in each bag.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and see also our ata straw bag collection here.