How to cover a wicker basket with fabric

How to cover a wicker basket with fabricHow to cover a wicker basket with fabric tips. Whether you have baskets of the exact same or differing sizes, or baskets with different wicker shades, textile linings coordinate arbitrary baskets into sets that match your house’s style. The linings are removable, so they can be washed or traded for brand-new liners. Select light-weight or medium-weight material from a range of uniqueness prints to produce liners for any holiday or event. Follow this step of how to cover wicker baset with fabric:

1. Place a sheet of newspaper on your job surface. Set the wicker basket on the paper and trace around the bottom. Tracing outside of the basket permits required seam allocation. Remove the mapped shape. This is the bottom pattern for the basket lining.
2. Cut one textile base using the pattern for the liner base.
3. Location the start of the determining tape on the inside base of the basket, against a side. Step up the side and also include 5 inches. This is the elevation dimension. Some baskets taper external from the bottom to the leading side. To fit the possible bigger measurement, determine the outside circumference of the basket’s leading edge as well as add 1 inch.
4. Cut one rectangular shape of material utilizing the height measurement by the circumference dimension. For clearness of construction, the edges reduced by the elevation measurement are the ends, and the edges cut by the circumference dimension are the leading as well as bottom edges of the lining’s sides.
5. Fold up the rectangular shape in half with the best sides of the fabric with each other and also completions matching. Pin together the ends. Sew the pinned edge using a 1/4-inch joint allocation. The stitched rectangle is currently a ring. Do not transform the ring right-side out.
6. Make a decision which edge of the fabric ring is the lower edge of the liner’s side. Hand stitch a running stitch around the bottom side of the ring. Leave long tails of string at the start and also end of the running-stitch line.
7. Area the material lining bottom inside the ring. Line up one side of the lining bottom down edge of the lining side with the best sides together. Pull the threads of the running stitch to collect the edge. Evenly disperse the gathers around the edge of the liner base, and also pin to hold. Stitch the pinned side utilizing a 1/4-inch seam allocation. You now have a liner with a flat bottom.
8. Fold up the top edge of the liner 1/4 inch to the wrong side and press. Fold over another 1/4 inch, press and pin. Top-stitch the pinned edge to hem it.
9. Step a size of 1/4-inch-wide elastic the exact same length as the area of the basket’s leading edge. Do not reduce the elastic. Gauging the flexible ensures you have sufficient, but you will not require all of it, so do not cut it until after attaching it.
10. Step down 1 inch from the hemmed side of the liner. Pin completion of the flexible to the incorrect side of the textile at this measurement. Location the liner edge and also the pinned flexible under the presser foot of the stitching device. Stitch and backstitch the flexible in place to secure the flexible’s end. Utilizing a tool sew length, gently stretch the size of the elastic while sewing down its facility. Remain to sew the elastic around the liner edge, 1 inch from the side. Overlap the beginning end as well as backstitch to protect. Cut off the remaining flexible. The liner is still wrong-side out.
11. Place the wrong-side-out liner inside the wicker basket. Fold up the leading side of the liner over the top side of the basket. The elastic edge holds the lining in place like a cuff.

Points You Will Need:

Wicker basket without manages
Embroidery measuring tape
Straight pins
Embroidery device
Stitching needle and string
Ironing board
Elastic, 1/4-inch-wide

If your basket has handles, remove them utilizing pruning shears.

This is how to cover a wicker basket with fabric tips, just follow and contact us if you need more information.

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