We are Rattan Cirebon (CV. Rattan Sanga Sanga) rattan furniture manufacturer, principally involved in the design, manufacture and sale of rattan furniture products. Our customers are mainly wholesalers, retailers, chain stores and traders.

Most of our rattan furniture products are exported. We have been shipping since 2013 until now. Our Main customer is in France, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, and many countries.

Elegance Does Not Always Come With A High Price

At Rattan Cirebon (CV. Rattan Sanga Sanga)  ultimate elegance is a philosophy we adhere to, and yet we offer the best at only fraction of the cost you would expect. Operating in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia since 2013, we have now on 6,500 sqm factory. We strive to offer beautiful rattan furniture products at better rates, quality and delivery time. The results are virtually beyond your expectations, giving you exceptional satisfaction that is our commitment.

Wide Selection Of Innovative Designs

Started with a high focus on natural rattan furniture, we have expanded our product range that fits any rattan indoor and outdoor furniture. On top of offering a broad variety, we make your buying process pleasant experience – Elegantly informative catalogues coupled with a dedicated marketing and customer service team.

A Win-Win Partnership

Our strict compliance with international quality standards will ensure that your requirements will always be met — we at CV. Rattan Sanga Sanga will continue to improve on product quality and design while emphasizing on cost-control, customer service and flexible business strategies that will strengthen our partnership, together with soaring to greater heights in the realm of rattan furniture products.

Timeless Classics

As per the order, you may well wish to work with our team to help design a custom piece that meets your requirements, and we will exchange views with you all the way through to deliver a truly unique, customizable and quality product.

Your Values mean for us

Listening is momentous for us through producing the exquisite forms of furniture that most fit your demands and values.

Enviromental Commitment

CV. Rattan Sanga Sanga is not only committed to making high-quality furniture, but we are also committed to the sustainability of our planet’s limited resources. We strive to reduce, reuse, and recycle manufacturing by-products and employ other creative solutions to conserve natural resources

Our Factory