Ata Grass Bag

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ata grass bagAta Grass Bag is natural fashion style and very popular now, handcrafted from balinese women making use of old techniques with deal with in leather. Inside printed linen. Handcrafted, natural, standard, eco pleasant.

This bags are woven by Master weavers of Bali, utilizing Ata grass bag, a vine indigenous to the foothills of volcanoes on this Indonesian island. This art form is passed on via the generations as well as is one-of-a-kind to Indonesia. The bags are not made in a manufacturing facility, the musicians work orm home in their villages. Bags could use up to 4 weeks to complete. The cozy gold honey color of the Ata yard creates naturally from sluggish smoking over fire of coconut husks soaked in honey. The resultant scent is your guarantee of credibility, in contrast to the fakes ata grass bag that don’t have it.

It is easy to maintenance this ata grass bag. The Ata grass (sometimes called Ate or Arta) is a kind of vine which is native to the volcanic foothills of the island of Bali, Indonesia. In its all-natural state, it is a lot stronger than Rattan and also even more inflexible and organized than Straw, and the weaving procedure utilized by the knowledgeable artisans of the Tenganan area produces an extremely sturdy work of art.

With a modest amount of treatment, your rattan grass bag will certainly last a life time. I still have the very first Ata bag I purchased over 15 years ago.

To cleanse, merely wipe your basket bag with a wet rag as well as enable to air dry. When in storage, you can keep it in a cotton bag to maintain the dust away. If required, just blow the dust away with a blow clothes dryer or the kind of compressed air made use of to cleanse a computer key-board.

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