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Rattan Indonesia. Rattan furniture is the most unique furniture furniture in the world. It has special characteristic that flexible to bend without break. You can make different model in square, curve, and other shape. You will find many models of rattan furniture.

Since the model of rattan furniture is unique and cheap. Some of rattan model are used for promotional items. Let say Bahama Sets, Pelangi Sets, and Papasan chairs. These model are sold in thousands sets in a year. Please email us if you want to get the update price of these chairs.

There are several country that produce rattan furniture, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philipine, China is the country that has rattan furniture. Different country has different characteristics fo rattan furniture.

Rattan Indonesia is famous in the world for the quality . This year, rattan Indonesia is becoming high selling since the Indonesian government issue the regulations for rattan ban. The industry of rattan Indonesia is getting good.

This situation is the good news for Rattan Indonesia Industry and of course for the buyer that has supplier from Indonesia. Day after day, the amount of new company of rattan furniture Indonesia is become larger.  You will have a lot of choices and select the company that suitable with your target price and market.

Rattan Indonesia mostly located in Cirebon. This is the area of Indonesia that has largest industry of rattan furniture.  When you come to this area, you will see craftsman everywhere in your step.  There are small and big company of rattan furniture in Cirebon.

The largest market of rattan Indonesia is USA, Russia, Germany, Holland, and several Asian countries. Every countries has different style for furniture.  Natural rattan is mostly send to Russia, Poland, Japan, and Latin America. The synthetic rattan mostly send to USA, Germany, Holland, and mostly for European market.

If you are looking for the rattan supplier directly from craftsman, you can contact us. We provide competitives prices from craftsman directly.

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