Rattan Basket Cirebon

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rattan basket cirebonRattan basket Cirebon is the best rattan basket in the world. Basket from Cirebon has a good quality and affordable prices, thats why the basketfrom this area is acceptable. When you go to Cirebon, you will find a lot of rattan basket craftsman making the basket. If  you are wholesaler and would like to import rattan basket, you are on the right places.

Everyone know that Cirebon is one of the biggest area of rattan furniture in Indonesia. It is located in central Java Indonesia. But you need to know that there is no airport in Cirebon. You need to go by train or car if you come from another city. If you go from capital city Jakarta, the best option to reach this city is by train . It will take about 3 hours from Jakarta train station to Cirebon train station. If you go from Central java (solo, jogjakarta, surabaya, jepara, etc) the best option is by train also. When you need to go to several places, go to Cirebon by car is the good choices also.

Now back to the rattan basket Cirebon. The main location of rattan basket in Cirebon is in Raja Galuh area, its located about 30-40 minutes from Cirebon city. You need to go by car to reach this area. There are a lot of rattan basket craftsman here. Make sure that you go to this place with a person who know well about this area. There are a lot of craftsman and you need to get the best one. Trusted and responsible.

There are 5 reason that rattan basket cirebon is the best :

  1. Competitive prices, There are a lot of rattan basket craftsman. All people competate to sell the basket, so they have to offer very good prices in order to get the sales.
  2. Good Quality, people in Cirebon as long experience in making basket. You do not need to worry about the quality. Its already tested in the worldwide market.
  3. Good Supply, They can supply in bulk order. If you are wholesaler, this is the right places. There are a lot of wholesaler buy from Cirebon, IKEA is also buy from Cirebon.

If you need more information about rattan basket Cirebon, you can contact us for more detail. We will help you to find the best one.

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