Porto Living Set

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Sharing is caring!

Synthetic rattan furniture manufacturer from Indonesia present simple design but suitable for all Hotel, Private home, Restaurant, Cafe, Villa, etc.

10 Reasons You Should Buy us:

  1. Affordable rates Synthetic rattan furniture manufacturer in Cirebon Indonesia
  2. Our aluminium structures are not bolted, we weld them together.
  3. We have skilled person quality control.
  4. We have been Synthetic rattan furniture manufacturer for many years!
  5. As requirement, we accept custom design.
  6. Our rattan weave is UV secured.
  7. Our rattan is quickly cleaned up with soapy water and also a hose.
  8. Our synthetic rattan collections are maintenance complimentary.
  9. We seal the chair/table legs with aluminium caps.
  10. Our aluminium frames do not corrosion!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and see our complete synthetic rattan collection here.


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