Rattan Bag 004

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Brown Rattan Bag from Indonesia. This attractive brown rattan bag is hand woven in the East of Bali, a little town known for fine basketry. The product is called Ata or Ati and is a reed, making the product solid and also durable. The items are all “smoked” over coconut husks as component of the drying procedure, which includes stunning patina as well as leaves the bag with a slight all-natural aroma that goes away gradually.

Each brown rattan bag bag is individually handmade made, lined with traditional batik print, a leather strap and also a special hand woven pattern.

Some of our bags might have slight variants in layout and dimension, this is a natural event in handcrafted goods and also among the many reasons we like it so! As a result of the handmade nature, no two designs will certainly be exactly alike offering you an enduring one-of-a kind item to treasure for several years to come.

Please note: Each bag is handmade, as well as might vary slightly in dimension and detail as a result of the nature of this thing.
Processing includes smoking cigarettes in a conventional oven over coconut husks to include stamina. All-natural smoked aroma due to the process in which the bag is made.

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