Rattan Bag 016

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Ata basket bag 016. These Lovely Ata basket Bag Bali are Especially made for Authentic Tropic.
They’re created from Ata Grass, which stems out of a woods in southern Bali. This bud is moisture resistant and incredibly durable.

The Ata basket bag is divided in to four pieces and then woven to several designs to make the bags. The distinctive abilities and methods for this artwork have been passed and perfected over several generations of Balinese ladies.

Following the bags are stitched, they can be dried under sunlight for many times then smoked over a coconut husk fire to acquire their golden brown shade. Based upon how big it may take as much as a month to complete each tote. This procedure leaves behind a smoky odor which most men and women find agreeable.

We hope you like your Authentic TropicĀ  for several years to come!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and see also our another ata basket bag collection here.