Peacock chair for sale

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Peacock chair for sale available at Rattan Cirebon.

This is the perfect time to look for peacock chair for sale if you want to keep your living room looks up to date. After around two decades disappeared from the market, the beautiful chair that resembles peacock feather gains its popularity again. Even though a chair with tartan plait is more suitable for houses with rustic style, it actually can easily suit any style of house. Furthermore, since the chair comes with throne-like characteristics, for example large back rest and intricate plait design, this chair can easily be put as a focal point of the room. Whether you want to put the chair in the living room, study room or even the terrace, peacock chair can do its job well as the focal point as long as you use these following tips.

Go Easy with Other Furniture

Peacock chair can come with various design, shape and back rest size. But if you want to go big and buy peacock chair for sale with huge back rest, you really need to go easy with how you put the furniture around the chair.

To make the peacock chair stands out and prevent its design from overlapping with each other, make sure the other furniture surrounding the chair are not overstyled. You don’t have to worry about the material. Whether you want to put similar tartan coffee table or other wooden and even glass furniture, it is not a problem at all. Just make sure there is a sense of uniformity in the whole room. And most importantly, even though your house comes with a rustic or traditional style, it doesn’t mean that you should put furniture with too much carving because it will clash with the peacock chair. Peacock chair already looks very regal and rich so you don’t need to go overboard with other furniture.

Put Patterned Throw Pillow or Seat Cushion

The design of the back rest is already very attractive. But just in case your room is very big and you need to make more statement regarding which item is the focal point in the room, you can put a throw pillow or seat cushion with rich pattern.

Peacock chair normally just come as it is. It doesn’t come with seat cushion from the start so you can add one by yourself to give the chair more comfort. You don’t have to worry that the pattern of the fabric will collide with the design. Even though peacock chair has distinctive plait pattern, its neutral color will give more room for additional decoration to stand out.

Provide Contrasting Background

Peacock chair will pop no matter where you put it. It will find a way to shine even if you put it at the corner of the room. But if you want it to look even more stand out, you need to provide contrasting background for the chair. With vibrant wall color, the peacock chair for sale that you just bought will easily grab attention. It will also be better if there is some sort of lighting above the chair for extra effect.

It’s become rare

Peacock chair maker is become rare, this chair need special skill to make it. Not all people can make this chair. Only people that has experienced and have passion can make this chair.

When you want to buy Peacock chair, its not easy to find the good prices. Since this chair is become rare and not all shop sell this chair. The good news for you is we can help you to get the good prices for this Peacock chair because we work with the Peacock craftsmen directly. Peacock chair for sale can be bought from us, you can call us +628122987001 or email to

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Here are some our craftsmen workshop or click our collection.


Selecting Rattan

It’s the process of selecting the main frame. We have to make sure the the frame will be have same size and have good materials.


Rattan Bending

This process need good accuracy, we have to make sure that all the rattan pole will have same size for all chairs.


Base Frame

making the circle rattan for Peacock base and also chair seat. All circle must be jointed well.


Part of Peacock Chair

We will make seperate part for Peacock chair, its must be detail for all part. These all will be jointed after finished.



The seperate parts will be jointing and we make final part for back Peacock chairs.



Final step is decorating the Peacock chairs. This is the crucial step, need the special skill since the parts is very fragile.

Peacock chair for sale

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  1. Hi , I’d like to enquire about wholesaling the peacock and other cane chairs ?
    I live in Brisbane Australia , Do you sell to anyone here yet ?
    I’m coming to bali in the end of May and will come see you ?

    1. Hi Marita, thanks for your interested to our Peacock Chairs. It will be nice to receive your visit. We did not sell to anyone in Brisbane at this moment. if you need more information, please email to . Thanks!

  2. I live in Auckland NZ and are interested in purchasing Peacock chair would you be able to send me price list etc.
    Rae Neilson

  3. I live in Auckland NZ and want to purchase peacock rattan chair could you please send me pricelist
    Rae Neilson

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