Peacock accent chair

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Peacock accent chair has four Reasons to Put Beautiful Peacock Chairs in Your Living Room

peacock accent chairThere were days when peacock accent chair was a huge hit in the interior design world. Almost every house from East Asian countries to the USA and even Europe has at least one peacock chair at their living room, especially on the 70s. The fan-like chair eventually went out of style and disappeared from the market when the 90s came. However, just like other retro style items which come back to prominence in these past several years, peacock chair also goes in style again. As a matter of fact, it will become more popular in the following years and more well-known interior designers will use it to decorate their client’s house. So, there is definitely no reason not to join the bandwagon and purchase one or two peacock chairs for your house as well.

It Is Warm yet Elegant

The best thing about this peacock-like chair is the fact that it spreads a very warm vibe to the whole room. It is made of tartan which looks very simple but it doesn’t look cheap at all. The peacock design of the back rest will make your house looks like the home of a royalty. It is very elegant and will make the living room looks expensive without any effort at all. Even though tartan is associated with warm and simple style, the intricate design of the chair will complement the material and make the chair looks regal and elegant.

Perfect for Rustic and Traditional Style House

Peacock accent chair was originated in the East Asian countries and it was really used by the royalties. It arrived all over the world thanks to the traders and it gained popularity due to its unique style. The throne-like design of the chair, combined with the beautiful tartan makes this chair a perfect furniture for rustic and traditional house. However, contrary to the usual traditional style houses that can look pretty heavy, this chair is very light and simple despite of the size of its back rest that can be pretty huge.

The design of the tartan plait is a perfect complement for traditional and rustic style house that usually dominated by woods. The peacock chair will give more variety to the room so that it will not be boring. When it comes to style, it is safe to say that there is no other chair design that can perfectly combine beauty and simplicity as good as peacock chair.

No Need to Add Too Many Decoration Items

One of the most difficult things about designing a house is thinking about what kind of decoration you should put in the room. If you are not a fan of putting a bunch of decoration that can clutter your house, this is the solution for you. Despite of its intricate plait pattern, this chair is actually very simple. So, it can easily blend with the room and any decoration you want. If you want to spice up the design of the peacock accent chair, you can simply put a patterned throw pillow there and everything is set.

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