Circle wicker chair

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Circle wicker chair named Papasan is the famous wicker chair for most all country. Some times people called this chair with Bowl chair or Moon chair. People say with this name because the shape of Papasan chair is look like moon or Bowl. These chair become best seller because of the affordable price but the it’s beautiful chair.

This circle wicker chair frame made from rattan poles, big size on the edge and small rattan for supporting frame. Rattan poles is used for the frame since it has same size from pole to pole. The same size is getting from the process. Rattan poles has no skin because the skin is already removed. Due the process, the rattan diameter is also adjusted, so the final rattan will have same diameter for all pole. You can check the fix chair, all rattan frame and supporting has same sizes.

Now we talk about the finishing. There are several finishing model. Some customer asking for the brown, black, white, and other color based on this request. Every country has favorite color, usually they asking several color to the rattan factory. The end user will choose what the color they like. The other thing about the color is the top coating. Some people like to have glossy, semi glossy, and doff color. The rattan factory should be careful about this matter. When we make final coating with full glossy, after several days sometimes the coating will be the semi glossy because the rattan material is not solid surface.

The cushion of Papasan chair are removable, the cushion of the chair is typically thick velveteen material filled with cotton fluff. There are a lot of color of this papasan chair. You can asking to the rattan factory to make several option of Papasan cushion.

Papasan or circle wicker chair have 2 seater version called Mamasan. This mamasan chair have same design, the different is only on the wide. Two persons can seat together in this Mamasan. The other specification is exactly same with Papasan.

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