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Bayerischer Strandkorb. Three Special Things about it.

Have you ever heard about Bayerischer Strandkorb? Well, it’s okay if you haven’t because this spectacular creation can only be found in Germany’s beaches during summer. To put it simply, you can call strandkorb as a lounge chair. However, calling it as a lounge chair actually don’t do it justice because this is more than just a plastic sun lounger chair you usually take to the beach to relax and get some tan. People call strandkorb as a lounge chair because that is exactly its function. But in the same time, it is also more special because of its unique shape.

Contrary to the ordinary lounge chair, strandkorb comes with half-hut shape. Yes, at first glance, it looks like a traditional small hut cut in half, complete with the roof, seating space, small window, storage and curtain. If you haven’t put this beautiful Bavarian style lounge chair in your backyard, here are the reasons why you should do it now.

It Is Perfect for Summer

Summer is coming very soon and this is the right time to go outside and enjoy the sun. If you are excited about the summer but you hate the idea of being too exposed to the sun and getting your skin burned, Bayerischer strandkorb is the best option for you.

The roof and hut-like shape will give you extra protection against the scorching hot sun. But at the same time, you are not completely shielded so you can still enjoy the beautiful summer. If the wind is getting too strong, simply close the curtain to prevent the dust from hurting your eyes. No matter what you want to do in the strandkorb—simply lying down and relaxing, reading books or chatting with your loved one, this Bavarian style lounge chair will be a good company.

It Is a Good Decoration Item for Your Backyard

The half-hut-like shape of the strandkorb will be a perfect decoration for your backyard. It is big enough to be a focal point and to catch attention, but you can also blend it in with the surrounding if you choose the perfect design. With touches of wickerwork, this lounge is perfect for traditional style backyard.

It is best to choose natural colors such as beige, white or brown because those colors will pop under the sun. But if you want to get creative and use more vibrant colors or design, no one will dare to raise any objection. Even though it is definitely bigger compared to ordinary lounge, its unique points will absolutely spice up your backyard.

It Comes with Storage

One of the best things about strandkorb is the fact that it comes with storage. There is a space under the seat that can be used to put your summer necessities just in case you want to take it to the beach. It will make your lounge area becomes neater and more organized. You simply need to sit on your Bayerischer strandkorb and everything you need is neatly stored behind your ankle.

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