Ata bag Bali

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ata bag baliAta bag Bali is very popular on the fashion now. These lovely Ata Bags as well as Purses are particularly made for True Tropic. They are crafted from Ata grass, which comes from a forest in eastern Bali. This materials is moisture resistant and also really sturdy.

The Ata bag is split right into 4 pieces and woven into numerous designs to create the bags. The unique skills and methods for this art have been passed down and refined over several generations of Balinese ladies. These ladies create these masterpieces in their residences.

After the bags are woven, they are dried imaginable for a number of days and afterwards smoked over a coconut husk fire to get their gold brownish color. Relying on the size, it could take up to a month to complete each bag. This process leaves behind a great smoky fragrance which lots of people locate pleasurable. If you prefer to get rid of the aroma, this is easily done by spraying with Febreze and also leaving the bag in the fresh air for a day or 2.

It is easy to maintenance this Ata bag Bali. The Ata bag (in some cases called ate or Arta) is a sort of creeping plant which is native to the volcanic foothills of the island of Bali, Indonesia. In its natural state, it is a lot more powerful compared to Rattan and also even more rigid and organized compared to Straw, and also the weaving procedure made use of by the knowledgeable craftsmens of the Tenganan region creates an extremely long lasting masterpiece.

With a modest amount of care, your basket bag will last a life time. I still have the first Ata bag I bought over 15 years earlier.

To clean, merely clean your basket bag with a damp cloth as well as allow to air dry. When in storage space, you could keep it in a cotton bag to maintain the dust away. If needed, just blow the dust away with a blow dryer or the sort of pressed air used to cleanse a computer key-board.

If you need more information about this ata bag bali, please feel free to contact us and you can see our collection here.

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